Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sale: 50% off Gap Sweaters

I know I've been posting about a lot of sales lately -- it's hard for me not to share a good deal when I find one. And speaking of good deals...
Check out the Holiday Deals Event at, going on now until Sunday! Fifty percent off all regularly priced Women's and Men's Sweaters, 30% off all regularly priced Women's Outerwear, and 30% off select Men's items. Additionally, shipping is free with purchases of $50 or more.

Here's what I would love to buy for myself:

1. Luxe crewneck sweater, now $19.75 (link)
2. Ruffle-front henley sweater, now $22.25 (link)
3. Navajo turtleneck sweater, now $29.75 (link)
4. Cozy turtleneck sweater, now $19.75 (link)
5. Ruffle-trimmed military jacket, now $68.60 (link)

Here's what I would love to buy for Christian:

6. Marled zip-up cardigan, now $34 (link)
7. Merino v-neck sweater, now $24.75 (link)
8. Wool CPO jacket, now $54.60 (link)
9. Leather gloves, now $20.65 (link)
10. Multi-color knit scarf, now $17.15 (link)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you plan to go shopping on Black Friday, have fun (and be safe)!


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