Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Black Dress Update #3

Continuing my LBD news... I bought shoes yesterday. I got these in black:

Ruffled Mary Jane pump, on sale $34, Newport News (link)

I'd like to apologize for not adhering to the poll results -- I hadn't planned on buying shoes with a strap, but once I saw these, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I told Madeline of Uber-Chic for Cheap about them so that she could do a Look for Less (they look so much like these ruffled Mary Janes from J. Crew), thinking that that would be the last I ever saw of them. However, after I saw her post, I decided I had to have them and bought them right away. Those ruffles around the heel are luscious, and they were such a good deal! I'm really excited about getting them!! If it were in the budget, I'm pretty sure I would buy them in pink and gray as well...

As an added bonus, check out this confirmation e-mail I got from Newport News (click to enlarge):

That's right, they said that I "have a fabulous sense of style," which is always nice to hear. ;)

Also, I'm going in to the tailor for a fitting today -- wish me luck!


Catherine said...

These really are so gorgeous and will look so amazing with your LBD. I hope all goes well today!!! Love ya!

Madeline P said...

I love that they sent you an email telling you about your fabulous sense of style. Which, by the way, is true.

I am glad that you snagged the shoes.

Wear Necessities said...

I love these heels with the cute ruffle detail! Such a good deal too. Is it odd that I kind of like the Newport News ones better than the ones from J. Crew?!

~Kerri :)
Wear Necessities

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