Sunday, February 28, 2010


I accidentally published a post that I thought was scheduled for tomorrow!  I'm so sorry for all the confusion -- that post {including my first-ever giveaway!} will be posted later, so be sure to check back!  Thank you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishlist: Swimsuits Under $100

I know I shouldn't indulge my thoughts about summer weather and swimsuits right now.  For one thing, it's supposed to snow this afternoon {although, since the temperature was in the mid-60s two days ago, my best guess is that it won't even stick}, and thinking about warmer weather is almost torturous.  For another, as my husband will quickly tell you, I don't need any more swimsuits.  I have two cute ones in good condition {one one-piece and one tankini}, and I have an unflattering but practical back-up.  I'm covered.

But, as the title of this blog attests, I love to dream about clothing of all kinds.  {Besides, if you didn't stock up on swimsuits for this year when they were on sale last fall, now is definitely the time to do so -- you can still find some great ones on sale!}  And so, while I'm fantasizing of spending warm weeks at the beach getting freckled and tanned, I'm picturing myself wearing one of these swimsuits:

1.  Solid Underwire Halter Tank Swimsuit, $89.50, Land's End {link}
2.  Monroe halterneck swimsuit, $74, Fig Leaves {link}
3.  Merona Bandeau Shirred One Piece, $34.99, Target {link}
4.  Boyleg Swimsuit, $68, Boden {link}
5.  Solid Boy Short One-Piece, on sale $39.50, Delia's {link}
6.  Pindot underwire tank, $80, J. Crew {link}
7.  Luxe très bow tank, on sale $59.99, J. Crew {link}
8.  Juicy Couture Bandeau Swimsuit, $98, Bloomingdale's {link}

Also, a few tips on buying swimsuits:

1.  Know your body and how to flatter it.  For example, I love halter-neck suits because they show off my shoulders; I love sweetheart necklines because they emphasize my {rather small} chest.  And, I usually buy tanks in long torso sizes, because I have a disproportionately long torso.  If you're not sure what shape is most flattering on you, check out these posts from Cardigan Empire: for Hourglass, for Upper Figure, for Middle Figure, for Lower Figure, and for Linear Figure.  {Not sure what body type you have?  Start here.}

2.  Make sure a suit is also practical.  We all want a cute swimsuit, but you should confirm that it's fully lined, and that it has the support you need before purchasing.  Many suits are adorable {like this one from Anthropologie}, but would be more appropriate for a little girl than a woman; while smaller busts may be able to get away with only a shelf bra, padding and underwire is safest for {oh-so-lucky} larger-busted women.  If you're shopping online and a product description doesn't contain all the information you need, call the customer service number and ask.

3.  Invest wisely.  You may decide that you want a swimsuit of very high quality, one that will last you for many years to come.  If this is the case, buy a style that's classic; five years from now, you don't want to be wearing a swimsuit that was only fashionable for one or two seasons.  On the other hand, if you want an in-the-moment suit, go inexpensive.  That way, you don't pay a lot for something that won't last very long.

Well, what do you think?  What's your favorite style of swimsuit?  Are you dreaming about the beach {or lake?  Or pool?  Where do people in Utah go to sun themselves?} already?  Do you have any more advice for potential swimsuit buyers?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sale: The Limited Trenches, Skirts & More

I noticed a wonderful sale going on at The Limited and thought I should share.  {Mostly I only noticed because Chloe pointed it out to me, so I feel it's only fair that I pass the tip along.}  Currently, all trench coats are 30% off, all skirts are $39.50, and you can get 20% off your entire purchase, including sale items, by entering coupon code 774 at checkout.  {Definitely check out the sale section, even if you pass up the regular-priced items; discounts upon discounts add up to some very low prices!}  Additionally, you'll receive a free umbrella with any trench coat purchase.  Zing!  Here are a few items I would love to own:

1.  Belted Trench, $71.68 {link}
2.  Folded Flowers Coat, $94.08 {link}
3.  Red Trench Coat, $82.88 {link}
4.  Elastic Sleeve Trench, $71.68 {link}

1.  Petal Pencil Skirt, $31.60 {link}
2.  Black Reign Skirt, $31.60 {link}
3.  High Waist Straight Skirt, $31.60 {link}
4.  Wide Pocket Pencil Skirt, $31.60 {link}

1.  Pleat Turtleneck, $7.99 {link}
2.  Embellished Flower Top, $23.99 {link}
3.  Grosgrain Flower Cardigan, $31.99 {link}
4.  Ruched Squareneck Sweater, $23.99 {link}

That red trench is really amazing -- I love the gathers at the shoulder seam.  On the other hand, the yellow trench is also drool-worthy; I love that color!  It's a good thing I don't need to decide between them {my budget and self-restraint currently won't allow me to purchase either}, because I think I would give myself a headache.  What about you?  Do you have a favorite item?  Do you think you'll buy anything?  Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Outfit

Christian and I went to see the movie Valentine's Day about a week ago.  While I didn't think it deserved an F from Entertainment Weekly, it also wasn't nearly as good as Love Actually, which it was clearly trying to imitate.  {Side note: I heart Love Actually almost as much as I love watching edited movies.  It's my second-favorite movie of all time, and my second-favorite Christmas movie, and I just now realized that my two favorite movies are both Christmas movies.  Yikes.}  Mostly, I thought it was equal parts entertaining, amusing, and completely ridiculous.

One of the best elements of the movie was Jennifer Garner, who I think is just so gorgeous.  I love her dimples, I loved her hair {I'm now thinking about getting highlights of my own}, and I loved her character's personal style.  Between Julia Fitzpatrick {see pictures here} and Meg of Fresh Brownies, I am now finding myself in desperate need of a red cardigan.  And that brings me to the point of today's post, which is my re-creation of Julia's airport look.  I thought it was too cute:

Catrina Cardigan, on sale $29.50, Delia's {link}
Ditsy floral ruffle blouse, $42, Fred Flare {link}
Mossimo Black Large Hobo, $22.99, Target {link}
Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish, $3.99, Ulta {link}
Delicate Initial Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters {link}
Braided Wedges, $29.99, Charlotte Russe {link}
The Flirt Boot-Cut Jeans, on sale $19, Old Navy {link}

total: $165.47

What do you think?  Did you see Valentine's Day, too?  Thoughts on the movie?  What do you think of the outfit?  Do you think you can find a ruffly, button-up, floral-printed top for less?  {I dare you!}  Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sale: 20% off J. Crew Clearance

J. Crew is currently offering 20% off all Final Sale items with coupon code EXTRA20.  Here are a few {okay, so more than a few -- I got a little carried away this time} of my favorite items on sale:

1.  Wool felt cloche, $15.99 {link}
2.  Toothpick ankle cord, $15.99 {link}
3.  Tulle blossom art tee, $19.99 {link}
4.  Silk lumiere cami, $23.99 {link}
5.  Solid opaque tights, $5.59 {link}
6.  Layered ruffle tank, $23.99 {link}
7.  Vintage matchstick cord, $23.99 {link}
8.  Satin limelight clutch, $23.99 {link}
9.  Petal-and-pearl necklace, $27.99 {link}
10.  Washed silk pocket tee, $31.99 {link}
11.  Merino basket-weave scarf, $15.99 {link}
12.  Silk streamers cami, $47.99 {link}
13.  Skinny patent-leather belt with square buckle, $11.99 {link}
14.  Tissue cascading pansy tank, $27.99 {link}
15.  Merino knit beret, $15.99 {link}
16.  Merino microstripe turtleneck sweater, $15.99 {link}

What do you think?  Is 20% enough of a discount to get you interested?  Which of these items is your favorite {or do you have another favorite item on sale I didn't include in this post}?  Leave a comment!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sale: 50% off Loft

I got the word today...

{I got the word via one of the many, many e-mail notifications I receive every day.  They seem endless, but somehow they still never keep me as well informed as Chloe, who seems to know about every sale going on everywhere.  By the way,  she has created a new blog specifically to share shopping sales and secrets.  It's amazing -- you should check it out.}

... of a great sale going on at Loft!

Today through President's Day {Monday, February 15th}, take 50% off select spring styles, both online and in stores.  See all styles included in this sale here.  No coupon code is needed; the discount is applied automatically at checkout.  Don't forget that you can also get free shipping on orders of $125 or more!

Here are a few of my favorite items:

1.  Marisa Pleated Cropped Pants with Belt, $24.75 {link}
2.  Twisted Silk Trim Tee, $14.75 {link}
3.  Ruched Sleeve Top, $22.25 {link}
4.  Lei Trim Tee, $18.25 {link}
5.  Twist Neck Pullover, $19.75 {link}
6.  Faded Blooms Scarf, $17.25 {link}
7.  Ink Dot Sheath Dress, $39.75 {link}
8.  Dark Wildflower Modern Boot Cut Jeans, $29.75 {link}
9.  Knit Dress with Pleats, $34.75 {link}

I love me a 50% off sale!  They're a refreshing {and money-saving} change after hearing about an almost endless stream of "free shipping off orders of $150 or more" deals from J. Crew.  Let me say, I think those promotions are so lame.  If I ever spend $150 at one store at a time {which I don't think I would ever do, unless I won the lottery, which is impossible, since I don't gamble}, then I would expect free shipping without any kind of coupon code.  But moving away from my love/hate relationship with J. Crew...

I also love the colors Loft is featuring this spring.  They're so bright and sunny and fresh!  And definitely tempting.  This sale is a good opportunity to purchase a few items you've been eying without going over budget.

What do you think?  Will you take advantage of this promotion?  I love to shop online because I can always find what I'm looking for, I can use coupon codes without having to deal with people face-to-face {which is something I'm weird about}, and there's always a great selection.  I understand the value of in-store shopping, too; namely, that you know how an item will fit you before you buy it.  Do you prefer online or in-store shopping?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charlotte Russe Promo: $10 Flats

As part of their "Seven Days of Sweetheart Deals" Promo, going on this week, Charlotte Russe is lowering the price of all their flats to just $10!  You can see them all here.  This deal is good only for today, so act quickly!  Here are a few pairs for which I wouldn't mind making room on my shoe rack:

1.  Silk Bow Ballet Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
2.  Canvas Ribbon Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
3.  Tie Suede Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
4.  Rhinestone Suede Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
5.  Crinkled and Suede Ballet Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
6.  Colorful Stitch Ballet Flats, orig. $26.99 {link}
7.  Wingtip Maryjane Flats, orig. $24.99 {link}
8.  Ribboned Patent Leather Flats, orig. $18.99 {link}

What do you think?  Will you take advantage of this promotion?  Are you excited to see what other deals Charlotte Russe has to offer this week?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking Forward to DownEast

I got my new DownEast Basics catalog in the mail today, and I'm excited about what they have in store for spring!  Here are some of my favorite items:

1.  Fancy Tee, $16.99 {link}
2.  Pearl Bib Necklace, $14.99
3.  Union Square Top, $19.99 {link}
4.  Silver & Black Jeweled Bib Necklace, $12.99
5.  Frosted Flowers Cardigan, $34.99 {link}
6.  Satin & Bead Necklace, $14.99
7.  Impressionist Skirt, $29.99 {link}
8.  Top Tier Skirt, $34.99 {link}
9.  Outside the Box Top, $24.99 {link}
10.  Chiffon Flower Necklace, $12.99

One reason I'm so excited for these new designs is that I feel like I've seen them before.  The Impressionist Skirt reminds me of this adorable pencil skirt from Kate Spade, the Fancy Tee looks like something straight out of J. Crew, and the Silver & Black Bib Necklace resembles almost exactly this one {that I blogged about here} from Max & Chloe.  I love the direction in which DownEast Basics is moving, and I'm going to scoop me up one of those Fancy Tees as soon as they get some in stock!

Which item from DownEast Basics is your favorite?  Are you {like me} waiting with bated breath for some items to become available?  If you could ask DownEast to make a more affordable or modest version of something, what would it be?  Leave a comment!

NOTE:  Not all of them items I've featured in this post have corresponding links because not all of them are posted on the website yet; I took the pictures, names and prices straight from the catalog.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing Sites: eShakti

I just recently heard about an amazing online store called eShakti.  {It was featured on dear cjane, a blog that I dearly love.}

Great things about eShakti:  They carry a huge collection of clothes that are available in sizes 0 to 26W, and all sizes are available at all times.  They also offer custom sizes; you can give them your measurements and they'll tailor the clothes to fit you before you get them.  Some items even include the option of changing the neckline and sleeve type.

More great things about eShakti:  Once you've given them your measurements for a custom size, they'll keep the measurements on file for the next time you order.  Receive a custom order and find that it doesn't fit quite right?  No problem -- it's still returnable.  Also, all orders, even custom orders, ship in three days.  And, now until February 14th, buy one item and get 30% off the second!

Amazing, right?

The best part:  So many of their designs are cute and affordable.  I especially love their day dresses.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Left to right:

Belted linen weave dress, $49.95 {link}
Poplin stretch surplice dress, $44.95 {link}
Cotton satin rosette trim dress, $54.95 {link}
Embroidered peony poplin stretch dress, $49.95 {link}

Oh, and the last dress?  The sleeveless one?  You can make it more modest by layering it with a cardigan or... you  can ask eShakti to add sleeves for you.  I'm blown away.

Well, are you as impressed as I am?  Do you think you'll be purchasing anything from eShakti any time soon?  {I might get a few new dresses for spring myself.}  Let me know!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Looks for Less: SS Giveaway Outfit

Here is a version of the outfit from earlier today for less:

Please excuse the cheesy, poorly executed Photoshopping that I used in the above picture; I was trying to make it look similar in every way to the earlier outfit.

Clockwise from top left:

Women's Boyfriend Cardigan, on sale $15, Old Navy {link}
Geometric Floral Top, on sale $9.99, Charlotte Russe {link}
Merona Satchel in Red, $26.99, Target {link}
Short Linked Leaf Necklace, $10.20, Asos {link}
Beverly Bracelet Set, $6.80, Forever 21 {link}
Betty Oxford Pump, $24.80, Forever 21 {link}
Crystal Flare Jeans, $29.99, Charlotte Russe {link}

total:  $123.77

I feel like I've seen a purple geometric top almost exactly like the one from Ruche, only with shorter sleeves -- if anyone has seen it, knows what I'm talking about, knows where to find it, if you could send me the link so I don't think about it all day, I'd appreciate it.  What do you think?  Do you think I came close?  Do you prefer this outfit, the more expensive version, or would you mix and match between them?  Leave a comment!

Sensibly Styled Giveaway

The gals over at Sensibly Styled are hosting a giveaway from DownEast BasicsAnd yes, I entered to win!  I created an outfit around the Longitude Cardigan, one that I would love to own for spring.  All outfits have been posted on the Sensibly Styled website {one of my favorite modest clothing blogs, btw}, and readers get to vote for their favorites.  Head over here to check out all the outfits and here to vote.  I appreciate any support from my readers, but there are so many adorable outfits, I encourage you to vote for the one that's really your favorite.

Here's mine:

Clockwise from top left:

Amethyst geode silk top, $38.99, Ruche {link}
Longitude Cardigan, $34.99, DownEast Basics {link}
Curtain call tabbed purse in red, $39.99, Ruche {link}
Handmade golden leaf necklace, $44, Ruche {link}
Hasina orange beaded bracelet, $16.99, Ruche {link}
Pink Studio oxford pumps, $49.99, Ruche {link}
Long & lean jeans, $69.50, Gap {link}

As you can see, I relied heavily on Ruche, mostly because I totally love their style, but partly because if I had looked all over the Internet for my absolute favorite combination of clothes, I think my head would have exploded.  The whole outfit really adds up to much more than I would ever advise spending on one outfit {almost $300 -- yikes!}, but since I was going more for aesthetically pleasing than affordable, I let it slide.  Stay tuned, I'll post a similar outfit for less later today.