Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lacemaker Skirt Outfit

As stated in this post, I'm going back through some of my recent posts and putting outfits together around certain items. {And as stated in this post, I have nothing better to do right now than post on my blog and wait until my husband comes home.} This outfit was created around the skirt from this post, in which I drooled over the new arrivals at Anthropologie.

Here's what I came up with:

1. Lacemaker Skirt, $148, Anthropologie (link)
2. Boat Neck Top with Charmeuse Bow, $21.90*, Loft (link)
3. Herringbone Tweed Jacket, $38.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
4. Lacquered Flower Jewelry Set, $4.80, Forever 21 (link)
5. MIA Michelle T-Strap Mary Jane, $32.97 (link)
6. Yellow Heart Wallet, $25, Harmony Lane (link)

total: $271.66
{Or $123.66 without the skirt, which is gorgeous, but way too pricey for my budget.}

The Charlotte Russe website describes the jacket as being a black and gray tweed, but it looks navy to me, which is why I put it in an outfit with a navy shoe. I love navy and yellow together -- the combination is so crisp, so clean, so refreshingly sunny and nautical. And don't you just love the bright egg-yolk color of that clutch?? Let me know what you think!

*Today {Saturday, December 19} only, Loft is offering 40% off all regularly priced styles with coupon code PRESENTS.

Sale: 40% off Loft

Did I say that the previous post was my last of the week? Yes. But am I awake in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for my husband to come home from midnight bowling? Oh, yes. {Because I just can't go to sleep without my husband. We've only been married for 20 months, and so far, we've never spent a night apart. Love him...} Is the upside to my sleep deprivation the fact that I discovered a wonderful sale going on at Loft? Most definitely. And could I stand knowing about this sale, without sharing it with all of my wonderful readers? Not a chance.

Saturday only, online and in stores, take 40% off {yes, that's forty percent off} all regularly priced items. {!!} Just enter coupon code PRESENTS at checkout to receive the discount.

Here are the items I'm in love with*:

1. Beaded Hibiscus Graphic Tee, $20.70 (link)
2. Lei Trim Tee, $21.90 (link)
3. Drapey Flutter Sleeve Top, $26.70 (link)
4. Rosette Smocked Cotton/Silk Blouse, $32.70 (link)
5. Relaxed Turtleneck with Linking Details, $29.70 (link)
6. Anorak with Waist Tie, $47.70 (link)
7. Sweater Dress with Petal Trim, $47.70 (link)
8. Stretch Canvas Pants with Belt, $35.70 (link)
9. Silver Chain Ribbon Necklace, $23.70 (link)

I am totally adoring #7. I want that dress right now. I think it's awesome how they paired such a feminine sweater dress {with such a pretty petal detail!} with an edgy black ankle boot. And they're styling navy with black? I am all over that. I am all over the whole outfit. Basically, I want to take everything that model has on, and put it on myself. {Maybe we could trade? She could borrow the BYU-I hoodie and argyle socks I'm currently wearing?}

What do you guys think? Which items are your favorite? Are you going to take advantage of this wonderful sale {perhaps to give someone on your list the perfect Christmas present}? Leave a comment!

*But not literally. I'm not literally in love with any of these items. Literally, I'm only in love with my husband. And as with all of my sale posts, the prices I post reflect the price you would receive after applying the promotional code. They are not the prices currently posted on the Loft website.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sale: 25% off J. Crew Clearance

Another great sale:

Take an extra 25% off J. Crew's Holiday Sale with coupon code EXTRA25. J. Crew has recently added several lovely items to their sale section, which makes this even more exciting!

Here are some of my favorites*:

1. Sequin-ruffle tissue tank, $14.99 (link)
2. Slub cotton silk streamers tank, $18.74 (link)
3. Solid opaque tights, $7.49 (link)
4. Toothpick ankle cord, $29.99 (link)
5. Bouquet sash belt, $14.99 (link)
6. Crystal thornbush earrings, $29.99 (link)

What do you think? Will you be taking advantage of this just-before-Christmas promotion? And will a certain someone take this opportunity to purchase a Bouquet sash belt in ivory?

Happy weekend, everyone! I had a couple of other posts I was hoping to get out today, but with preparations for my brother-in-law's wedding, which is tomorrow, and all of the ensuing drama {and there is. so much. drama.}, that's just not going to happen. I wish everyone else a wonderful, fun, stress-free weekend!

{Thanks to J. Crew Aficionada for the tip!}

*As with all of my sale posts, the prices I post reflect the price you would receive after applying the promotional code. They are not the prices currently posted on the J. Crew website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bomber Jacket Outfit

Dear readers,

I have something to admit. {No, I haven't broken my promise to myself and bought any new clothes. I'm staying true to my plan to wait until the New Year.} In a few different recent posts, I have done something that is not my favorite thing to do. I have posted about items that I admire, and then have briefly sketched {in words} what I would pair with them to create a stunning outfit... ...Without actually creating an outfit!!

This will not do, readers. What is my blog for, if not to showcase actual items? How can I just throw out phrases like "gathered skirt" and "tweed trench" without actually finding a tangible piece of clothing to support them? I sincerely apologize for this oversight, and promise to do better in the future. In fact, to prove my sincerity, I'm going to go back and right my wrongs. I'm going to create four outfits, one for each of the four items I so carelessly {and verbally} tossed into an imaginary outfit before.

I'll start with the Victoria's Secret Wool bomber jacket, from this post. {Unfortunately, the promotion that I was posting about has since ended, which means that the jacket is now more expensive. I hope all of us have learned a lesson about procrastination.}

Here's the outfit I've created:

1. Wool bomber jacket, on sale $89, Victoria's Secret (link)
2. A-Line Box Pleat Skirt, on sale $49.95, Martin + Osa (link)
3. Pleated Flutter-Sleeve Top, $24.50, Old Navy (link)
4. Coloured Over The Knee Socks, $6.80, Asos (link)
5. Merona Solid Wrap, $12.99, Target (link)
6. Basic Flat Boot, $29.50, Wet Seal (link)

total: $212.74
{Or $123.74 without the jacket, which would be a major investment piece.}

What do you think? Do you like the outfit? Would you ever wear knee socks with knee-high boots? And will you forgive me for my blog-wrongdoings? {I hope so.}

Your internet friend,

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sale: 30% off J. Crew Knits & Tees

There's another great sale going on at J. Crew:

Today and tomorrow only, and exclusively online, J. Crew is offering 30% off all women's knits and tees. {No coupon code necessary, prices as marked.} J. Crew's tees are generally some of my favorite things they offer, and are sometimes affordable enough to fall within my price range. Here are a few tops I have been coveting for a while {now more affordable than ever!}:

Tulle roses tee, $29.75
The description reads, "A sweet cluster of tulle blooms makes this tee something to swoon over." Swoon-worthy, indeed.

Perfect-fit ruffle-front tank, $19.99
{all other colors $20.65}

Molten-metallic tissue tank, $29.40
I think the sheen of this tank instantly adds another level of class to any outfit. I would wear it with a simple cardi, dark jeans and a super-sexy heel.

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Arrivals at Ruche

I was browsing the new arrivals at Ruche this morning...

{...a much less traumatizing and more budget-safe pastime than looking through the new arrivals at Anthropologie, which I had to learn the hard way...}

...and there were a few items that caught my eye. I didn't make this one of my Wishlist posts because all of these items are within easy {under $50} reach:

1. Jailhouse rock striped cardigan, $32.99 (link)
2. Raspberry parfait two tone dress, $48.99 (link)
3. Gold coast cotton silk peasant top, $32.99 (link)
4. Hoot hoot owl earrings in blue, $8.99 (link)
5. Pearl pebble flower beaded ring, $20 (link)
6. Magenta rose felt hair clip/brooch, $9.99 (link)

I love the dress especially. 'Tis the season to buy cute festive dresses -- they're sure to come in handy.

Sale: Up to 50% off Victoria's Secret Winter Favorites

I found this lovely in my inbox this morning:

Victoria's Secret is offering 25% off certain items, termed "Winter Favorites" {which you can view here} with coupon code 25VS. Since many of the items are already on sale, with prices reduced up to 25%, you can get up to 50% off the original price! The promotion is good through Sunday, so you have a little time to look around and decide what you can't live without the most. Additionally, you can receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more with coupon code VS50.

Here are my favorite things*:


1. Silk & cashmere turtleneck sweater, $29.25 (link)
2. Cowlneck sweater, $29.25 (link)
3. Silk & cashmere ruffle-front mockneck sweater, $29.25 (link)

{Please excuse the young lady whose stylist neglected to provide her with pants for her photo shoot... she seems quite upset about it, so perhaps it's best if we don't mention it to her...}


4. Cotton & cashmere sweaterdress, $22.49 (link)
5. Ruffled v-neck sweaterdress, $14.99 (link)
6. Tie-neck dress, $29.99 (link)


7. Double-breasted ruffle coat, $74.25 (link)
8. Wool bomber jacket, $66.75 (link)
9. Classic wool coat, $66.75 (link)

I have to say a few things about the gorgeous outerwear: I absolutely adore the ruffle coat {it reminds me of this one, now sold out, from Tulle}, almost enough to justify purchasing it... if only I hadn't banned myself from shopping until the end of the year. The bomber jacket also has me drooling -- I want to copy the model and wear it with a gathered skirt {and knee-high boots, with some knee socks peeking out the top, perhaps?}.

Which item is your favorite?

*As with all of my sale posts, the prices I post reflect the price you would receive after applying the promotional code. They are not the prices currently posted on the Victoria's Secret website.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sale: BOGO Loft Sweaters

I think it's come to the point now where my love of Loft won't allow me to pass up the opportunity to post about a good Loft sale. Which is why I urge you, my dear loyal readers, to check out their current promotion {and it ends today, so hurry!}:

That's right, buy one regularly priced sweater, get another regularly priced sweater free! {That's basically like getting 50% off, only you don't have to wait around until they're on sale, so most of the good colors and sizes are still around...}

Where's what I would love to buy:

Pleat Detail V-Neck, $39.50 (link)
Shirred V-Neck Cardigan, $49.50 (link)

Grand total... $49.50! {Or $24.75 each, which I hope I don't have to tell you is a killer steal.} What would you love to get?