Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I'm in my bathrobe, with my hair half curled, and I have about two thousand things to do before I leave for dinner at my sister Alice's house, but I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and my stomach was feeling so empty, so I took a second while gulping down orange juice and a bag of pretzels to check my Google Reader, and I read something that I just had to post.

{deep breath}

Chloe from the (chloe) conspiracy has compiled a wonderfully long list of stores that are having sales and special Thanksgiving deals today. She's included coupon codes, her favorite items, and she even alphabetized everything. If you plan on doing any online shopping today, be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: Chloe has also posted a list of Black Friday deals, which you can view here.


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