Saturday, August 29, 2009

Etsy Find: Just Peachy Jewelry

So, I'm a big fan of Etsy. So big. Huge, even. Especially when it comes to jewelry. And I recently discovered Just Peachy Jewelry, an awesome little shop on Etsy with gorgeous, affordable pieces that I love for fall:

1. Sweet September Necklace, $24
2. Go Ask Alice Locket Charm Necklace, $26
3. Pearly Acorn Necklace, $23
4. Morning Glory Brass Oakleaf Necklace, $22
5. Julia Ring with Indigo Chrysanthemum, $10
6. Gold Leaf Necklace, $28
7. Silver Bells Modern Flowers Necklace, $25
8. Majestic Sparrow Necklace in Brass, $24
9. Harvest Love Locket Charm Necklace, $24

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Belated Introduction

First off: Thanks to Madeline P. from Uber-Chic for Cheap, who gave me a shout-out on her blog today! That was the most awesome thing to ever happen to me in all of my four years of blogging! (More awesome, even, than the responses I got for posting pictures of myself dressed up as Arnold the Pygmy Puff, which is saying something.)

In addition, I now have more than one follower! It's a little amazing to me that people (as in, more than one person) would be interested in the fashion ramblings of someone who once looked like this:Yeah. Yikes.

When I first created this blog (soooo long ago, but really just earlier this month), I debated whether I should even make it public -- it was just going to be a way for me to express my love of clothing and pretty things without... well... going super psycho and buying everything in the whole world, or at least buying everything at J. Crew (because sometimes I have a problem with that).

Anyway, I just want to say welcome to everyone, I hope you find things interesting, and just e-mail me if you have anything to say or share!

ELIZA Giveaway

ELIZA has another great giveaway (click here), and I am loving this Handsome Panda necklace:
I hope I win!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wishlist: Fall Shopping List

I feel the need to shop (I mean, really shop) two times during the year: halfway through spring, and at the beginning of autumn. My back-to-school-shopping instinct is definitely kicking in right now, and even though I'm not going back to school, I'm having a hard time restraining myself. Here are a few things that I would love for fall:

1. A scarf -- I think white would look crisp and clean with almost anything. Fab Dotted Swiss Scarf, $5.50, Forever 21 (link)
2. A new coat -- I need a long, neutral coat that could be dressed up or down. Vintage Wool Coat, on sale $72, Tulle (link)
3. A white t-shirt -- Again, white just looks good with everything, and you can never have too many white t-shirts. Perfect-fit short-sleeve scoopneck tee, on sale $14.99, J. Crew (link)
4. A drapey cardigan -- I love buying new sweaters for fall, and this one looks so comfy. Drape Front Cardigan, $38.50, Shade Clothing (link)
5. A new pair of jeans -- I have a tradition of buying a new pair of jeans every fall; like white t-shirts, you can never have too many pairs of dark-wash jeans that fit you perfectly. Perfect boot jeans, $69.50, Gap (link)
6. An easy pair of flats -- These shoes will go great with jeans. Mossimo Supply Co. Ondria Flats, $16.99, Target (link)

Recent Buys

Some of my recent purchases. I just got the sweater today, and even though it doesn't really go with what I'm wearing, I can't take it off -- I love it!
1. J. Crew Cotton Scroll Cardigan, from eBay for $29.99
2. Martin + Osa Knife-Pleat Skirt, on sale for $19.99

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Uniform x 2

Following my last entry, I thought I would take pictures of myself wearing two of my "uniform" outfits and post them here. I forgot what an awful ordeal taking pictures of myself is, and how lame it looks when the picture is just of you standing in a room. Nevertheless, here are my uniform pictures:

Picture 1: Black cardigan and gray tee from Marshall's, gifted initial necklace, dark trouser jeans from the Gap, gray tweed flats from Target.
Picture 2: Same gray tee from Marshall's, necklace from Urban Outfitters, dark skinny jeans from Target, gifted Rainbows.


Based on Sensibly Styled's post today, and this article from Gwenyth Paltrow's website GOOP, I have collected items that I think would look great in a uniform-type outfit. Earlier this year I discovered the value of such an outfit, and often toss on my dark jeans, heather gray t-shirt, and black cardigan when I don't want to think too much about what I'm going to wear. It's such a classic and easy ensemble, and adding jewelry instantly kicks it up a notch. I usually just slip on my Rainbows to finish, but I think flats are a great way to go for the fall. Here are my picks:1. Favorite V-neck T, on sale $10, Gap (link)
2. Drapey Ruched Scoopneck, $32.50, Ann Taylor Loft (link)
3. Perfect-fit short-sleeve scoopneck tee, on sale $14.99, J. Crew (link)
4. Perfect-fit three-quarter sleeve henley, on sale $19.99, J. Crew (link)
5. Pure body T, $16.50, Gap (link)

1. Midnight Wash Modern Boot Leg Jeans, $59.50, Ann Taylor Loft (link)
2. Long & lean jeans, $69.50, Gap (link)
Julie Exclusive Wash Flare Leg Trousers, $69.50, Ann Taylor Loft (link)
4. Perfect boot jeans, $69.50, Gap (link)

1. Short-sleeve cotton cardigan, on sale $39.99, J. Crew (link)
2. V-Neck Cardigan, $39.50, Ann Taylor Loft (link)
3. Short-sleeve cashmere cardigan, on sale $59.99, J. Crew (link)
4. Super fine cardigan, $44.50, Gap (link)
5. Shawl wrap sweater, $58, Gap (link)

1. Filigree Bib Necklace, $7.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
2. Layered Rosette Necklace, $5.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
3. Royal purple leaf pendant necklace, $14.99, Ruche (link)
4. Bug Charm Necklaces, on sale $14.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
5. Silver Initial Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters (link)
6. Beaded Chain Necklace, $6.99, Charlotte Russe (link)

1. American Eagle Carter T-strap Skimmer, $19.99, Payless (link)
2. Mossimo Supply Co. Ondria Flats in Gray Flannel, $16.99, Target (link)
3. Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Embellished Ballet Flat in Tan, $12.99, Target (link)
4. Women's Hidden-Heel Mary Janes, on sale $20, Old Navy (link)
5. Fiona Ballet Flat, $16.99, Payless (link)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Four On-Sale Outfits

I built these outfits around jeans that are sale right now at, with a lot of help from the Tulle website, which I absolutely love. I think they're great as just-beginning-fall outfits:

1. Filigree Leaf Drop Earrings, on sale $12.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
2. Printed Lawn Ruffle Neck Blouse, on sale $27.20, Tulle (link)
3. Tullette Double Breasted Jacket, on sale $25.20, Tulle (link)
4. Rosette Woven Wedges, on sale $13.49, Charlotte Russe (link)
5. Mid-rise boot cut jeans, on sale $34.99, Gap (link)

total: $113.87

1. Teardrop chandelier earring, on sale $29.99, Banana Republic (link)
2. Decree Printed Bib Tunic, on sale $17.99, JC Penny (link)
3. Petite Ruched Sleeve Cardigan, on sale $19.99, Ann Taylor Loft (link)
4. Poppy bow ballet flats, on sale $24.99, Gap (link)
5. Mid rise boot cut jeans, on sale $29.99, Gap (link)

total: $122.95

1. Gem and Feather Drop Earrings, on sale $9.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
2. Rose Stripe Top, on sale $8.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
3. Picque Belted Jacket, on sale $34, Tulle (link)
4. Women's Cut-Out Ballet Flats, on sale $15, Old Navy (link)
5. Low rise boot cut jeans, on sale $29.99, Gap (link)

total: $97.97

1. We Dream in Colour Filigree Drops, on sale $14.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
2. Tulip Blouse, on sale $22.80, Tulle (link)
3. Tullette Cap Sleeve Cardigan, on sale $16, Tulle (link)
4. Slingback Woven Wedges, on sale $12.49, Charlotte Russe (link)
5. Low rise boot cut jeans, on sale on sale $29.99, Gap (link)

total: $96.27

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two On-Sale J. Crew Outfits

J. Crew is having an awesome sale! Here are just some of the items:
1. Perfect-fit short-sleeve scoopneck tee, on sale $14.99 (link)
2. Yarn-dyed striped scarf, on sale $39.99 (link)
3. Bootcut jean, on sale $49.99 (link)
4. Classic wedge flip-flops, on sale $7.99 (link)

total: $112.96

1. Perfect-fit corsage scoop-neck tee, on sale $19.99 (link)
2. City-fit surplus chino, on sale $29.99 (link)
3. Short-sleeve cotton cardigan, on sale $39.99 (link)
4. Caribe espadrilles, on sale $49.99 (link)

total: $139.96

Too Much?

While I love the idea of this necklace, and I love the way it looks on other people, I'm not sure I could pull it off. I'm afraid I would look ridiculous and overdone. Thoughts?

On the left: a woman in Paris wearing a piece by Michelle Jank (as photographed by The Sartorialist).
On the right: Elaine from clothed much wearing a piece she made herself (read the DIY here).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yellow Jumper Outfit

I built this outfit around the yellow linen jumper I found at Tulle, and I love every part of it (and I love that every part of it is under $40):

1. Scoop Neck Knit Top, $14.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
2. Linen Jumper Dress, on sale $36, Tulle (link)
3. Canvas boardwalk city tote, on sale $29.99, J. Crew (link)
4. Chrisa shoe, on sale $29.99, Rack Room Shoes (link)
5. Short Quartz Necklace, on sale $19.99, Ann Taylor Loft (link)

total: $130.96

Etsy Find: Patrick Irla Jewelry

I discovered this jewelry shop on Etsy, and I think it's so beautiful (especially the hydrangea blossoms -- I love hydrangeas):

1. Five Petal Hydrangea Earrings, $135
2. Hydrangea Blossom and Diamond Stacking Ring, $119
3. Hydrangea Blossom Ring, $78
4. Hydrangea Cluster Necklace, $155
5. Hydrangea Dangle Earrings, $215
6. Japanese Maple Seed Pendant, $70

Wishlist: Grey Dress

This dress is called the Dagny Taggart dress, and even if I hadn't read and loved Atlas Shrugged earlier this year, I would still want it -- it's super cute! The fact that it's named after the main character of my most favorite book ever (and possibly the best book I will ever read in my lifetime) combined with the square neckline makes it a must-have:

Dagny Taggart dress

Monday, August 10, 2009

On Sale Outfit

Everything in this outfit-I-would-love-to-own is on sale:

1. Laser Cut Nature Hoops, on sale $9.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
2. Sleeveless Origami Top, on sale $11.47, New York & Company (link)
3. Knife-Pleat Skirt, on sale $19.95, Martin + Osa (link)
4. Chiffon-trim Cardigan, on sale $49.99, J. Crew (link)
5. Karmel Pleated Wedge, on sale $17.99, Payless (link)

total: $109.39


I'm thinking I might like to get a scarf. I like all of these:

1. Rugby Stripe Knit Scarf, $19.50, American Eagle (link)
2. Lightweight Floral Scarf, $24.50, Gap (link)
3. Lightweight Painterly Scarf, $24.50, Gap (link)
4. Bindya Floral Print Scarf, $58, Nordstrom (link)
5. Sally Striped Woven Scarf, $8.80, Forever 21 (link)
6. Fab Dotted Swiss Scarf, $5.50, Forever 21 (link)
7. Fringed Gauze Scarf, on sale $10, Old Navy (link)
8. Dot-Print Lightweight Scarf, on sale $10, Old Navy (link)
9. Lightweight Open-Weave Scarf, on sale $7.99, Old Navy (link)
10. Lightweight Jersey Scarf, on sale $7, Old Navy (link)

ELIZA Magazine

I've inexplicably been getting Lucky in the mail for a while now, but I think I would much prefer ELIZA:

Here's what the creators of ELIZA have to say about it:
ELIZA Magazine is created for women who want to be stylish, sexy, and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment, and lifestyle. In a media culture that frequently objectifies and commercializes women and their bodies, ELIZA strives to provide an alternative to the current mainstream media that emphasizes sex and skin in order to push products or sell magazines.

ELIZA magazine brings you "Fashion without Fiction." We are realistic about everyday women's price points, showcasing pieces that are worth the big price tags and discovering deals at your local department stores that are just as hip. We are realistic about women's bodies: we don't retouch bodies, and we mix real women and professional models. We are realistic about women's interests, featuring fashion and beauty information, current issues, and real life problem solving, all while keeping perspective on what's really important in life...

The ELIZA reader is educated, creative, fashion-conscious, and on the hunt for clothes to feel comfortable in. We continue to pick up the scent of fashion and modesty and deliver it to your door season after season.
4 issues/year

ELIZA also has a great blog (click here).