Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Etsy Find: Headbands

While I strongly dislike the retro side-feather headband trend that's going on (as seen here), I do love the idea of headbands. They're such an easy way to instantly add interest to an outfit. And they're inexpensive -- most of the ones shown here are under $30. Etsy is great for headbands because of the variety and creativity of its designers. Here are some of the best headbands I found at Etsy:

1. Rosebud headband, $23, heartoflight @ Etsy (link)
2. Sia headband, $13, selenadesigns @ Etsy (link)
3. Swallow headband, $19, mylavaliere @ Etsy (link)
4. Eggplant Nautical Knot Headband, $12.50, Nomsa @ Etsy (link)
5. Ruffled pearl flower headband, $6, luxybows @ Etsy (link)
6. Innocent headband, $15, allorahandmade @ Etsy (link)
7. Growing Green Headband, $30, BeSomethingNew @ Etsy (link)
8. Avonlea natural vine crown, $50, whichgoose @ Etsy (link)
9. Kelly - natural vine crown, $50, whichgoose @ Etsy (link)
10. Pink fuschia rose headband, $8, kolohekids @ Etsy (link)
11. Beverly headband, $26, LiveInStyle @ Etsy (link)
12. Ethel headband, $25, LiveInStyle @ Etsy (link)
13. Giant Dwarf Rosette Fascinator, $30, giantdwarf @ Etsy (link)
14. Romantic Peach Headband, $15, TheDancingDaisy @ Etsy (link)
15. Moss Green Sash Headband, $32, BeSomethingNew @ Etsy (link)
16. Golden Swirly Hues Headband, $25, JenniferBirge @ Etsy (link)
17. The avery ruffle headband, $18, monkeyandsquirrel @ Etsy (link)
18. Bohemian Chic Headband, $21.50, regansbrain @ Etsy (link)
19. Sienna Halo Headband, $24, Luciabella1 @ Etsy (link)
20. Marissa Monarch Butterflies Headband, $15, kaang @ Etsy (link)
21. Cluster Flower Headband, $20, BeautifulBlossoms @ Etsy (link)
22. Lilac flowers headband, $36, IceCreamCandy @ Etsy (link)
23. Stretch Lace Headband, $10.99, GarlandsofGrace @ Etsy (link)
24. Berry berry whimsical wire tiara, $35, whichgoose @ Etsy (link)

My absolute favorite is #23 -- I think it's the first thing I'm going to buy once my self-inflicted shopping embargo is over. Which one(s) do you like the best? Do you wear headbands on a regular basis?


chris said...

i like #2 and #3 best. can you wear headbands with boy hair? i often buy headbands, but then i don't wear them.

Madeline P said...

#16! I admire headbands, but in reality never actually wear them. Not sure why.

But this is a beautiful collection you assembled.

Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

I love headbands and Etsy. Funny thing is my favorite one is #23 too! I love this list. Thanks!

Rochelle said...

I LOVE this post! I'm thinking Christmas presents...I like 1, 7, 12, 13, 16...really all of them are so cute. Someone just told me about this website: http://www.regretsy.com/. Have you seen it? It's hilarious!

Madeline P said...

As I was getting ready this morning, I realized my hair was, um, less than perfect. I thought, this is why I need a headband, a really cute one, so no one will notice the mess underneath it.

Oh, and I watched ANTM last night (on my DVR), and I was so pleased they finally got rid of Sundai... I say Nicole for the win. Who's your pick?

Mary said...

I went through the same my-hair-is-gross-why-didn't-I-plan-for-this moment this morning. I tried a headband, but it made my bangs lay funny against my face, so I ditched it and threw my hair up in a messy bun.

I could see Nicole, but I absolutely love Laura, so I hope she wins. I'm really surprised they've kept Erin around this long -- she doesn't seem so good that she should be in the bottom two three times in a row and still be in the competition. When are they ever going to send her home?

Madeline P said...

I love Laura too! But she hasn't won any challenge or had a first call out, so I am not sure if she will actually win.

They often have one girl that they consistently put in the bottom but never send home (remember Jade? 5 times in the bottom 2!) I just hope she doesn't end up squeaking out a win. And they have never had an asian winner, and if you look at the winners, they are usually in a racial pattern, white, black, mix, white, whatever. I am wondering if they will use this as a chance to have an asian winner in Jen. I hope not because I prefer Nicole and Laura. Ok, THE END. :D

Cable Car Couture said...

That Dove one is fabulous! Blue Bijou carries a necklace that is totally reminiscent as well. http://blue-bijou.com/dove.html

I could just spend every cent on Etsy if I wasn't careful!!!


Camille said...

I sell a whole bunch on my shop now! They range from $5-$7.


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