Thursday, November 12, 2009

American Eagle Winter Style

After making a Christmas wishlist for my husband's reference, I began to look forward to the holiday season. I started dreaming of snowball fights (even though snow before January is a rarity in North Carolina), cuddling in front of the fire (we don't have a fireplace), and dipping toast into hot chocolate. Even though we have no plans to go out of town any time soon, I fantasized about a cabin in the mountains where we could hike through the woods all day and watch Back to the Future all night.

And so, even though there's a lot going on between now and then (including Thanksgiving and my brother-in-law's wedding), I'm longing for the Christmas season. Fashion-wise, Christmas to me means broken-in jeans, plaid shirts, cozy sweaters and warm slippers. Comfortable clothes amenable to spending time with nieces and nephews, helping in the kitchen, and picking out a Christmas tree.

Which is why I'm tempted by American Eagle right now. I basically want one of everything in my size (except their graphic tees -- I don't want any of those). Several of these items, the epitome of my perfect holiday style, made my Christmas wishlist:

1. AE Shawl Collar Thermal, $24.50, link
2. AE Plaid Double Weave Shirt, $24.95, link
3. AE Fairisle Scoop Sweater, $49.50, link
4. AE Scoop Sweater, on sale $29.95, link
5. AE Chunky Knit Cowl Neck Sweater, $49.50, link
6. AE Warm Peacoat, on sale $99.95, link
7. AE Skinny Cord, $39.50, link
8. Favorite Boyfriend Jean, $29.50, link
9. Aerie Cable Slipper Sock, $29.50, link
10. AE Fairisle Mittens, $24.50, link
11. AE Fairisle Hat, $24,50, link

What do you think? Are you longing for Christmas already, just like me? What do you love to wear during the holidays?


Madeline P said...

Oh boy! You are getting me excited to snuggle up in a sweater. The weather here has been unusually warm, but winter is right around the corner.

Fun finds! I especially like 1,5,7. I don't own any cords I like and I think I should...

Elaine said...

I am SO longing for Christmas!!!

Last year I wore Uggs so this year I'm going to make sure I pay attention to my wardrobe!! Right now, your AE picks sums it up for me.. I really want a pair of cords (7) and that sweater (3) underneath a checkered shirt (2). It would be so cozy and perfect for the cold!!

Jessica said...

Ooh, I'm loving #2 and #5! My husband makes me do a wishlist on, so I'm clicking on the add to registry button as we speak! Thanks for sharing--I never think to look at American Eagle!

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