Monday, November 23, 2009

Camping Chic: An Alternative to Leggings

As I said in this post, leggings are not an acceptable substitute for pants. Never. Never ever ever. Especially, I feel, while camping, when you need something sturdy to protect your legs. In my camping expeditions, I have found a wonderful alternative item of clothing to cover my bottom half. Before I reveal what it is, let's take a little quiz.

Question 1: While camping, I often find myself...
a. hiking through shrubbery
b. climbing on rocks
c. falling down in the mud
d. all of the above
e. none of the above, but I want to be prepared for anything.

Question 2: When camping, I want an item of clothing that...
a. allows for freedom of movement
b. will wash easily
c. won't readily tear
d. looks awesome with the rest of my camping ensemble
e. all of the above.

Question 3: Ideally, my camping clothes should...
a. transfer easily into my regular wardrobe
b. look totally cute
c. be something I could wear again and again
d. all of the above.

Ready? If you answered d (or e) to any or all of the previous questions, then I think you'll be on board with my choice: corduroy.

Cords are awesome. They're sturdy, they don't stain easily, most of them are made with some stretch so they can fit close while still allowing you to move, they're thick enough to keep you warm, and best of all, they're cute and can also go with any number of non-camping outfits.

Choose a skinny or a bootcut cord depending on whether you like to wear your boots inside or outside your pants. If you don't plan on wearing boots while you're camping, then just pick whichever style you like best. Here are some cords that I think would be great for camping:

1. Boot cut cords, $54.50, Gap (link)
2. Real straight cords, $54.50, Gap (link)
3. Women's Mid-Rise Cord Trousers, $29.50, Old Navy (link)
4. AE Skinny Cord, $39.50, American Eagle (link)
5. Toothpick ankle cord, on sale $69.50, J. Crew (link)
6. Vintage matchstick cord, on sale $69.50, J. Crew (link)
7. Stretch bootcut cord, on sale $69.50, J. Crew (link)


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