Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wishlist: Things That Are Yellow

Ever since the very beginning of 2010, I've been trying to hold myself back from thinking about spring.  I know in my mind that I still have the long, cold months of January, February and March to get through before the blessed warmth of April.  My head knows it's not time for spring yet, by my heart keeps getting excited.  "Flowers!" it yells.  "Shorts!  Picnics!"  "Hush," I say.  "It's supposed to snow tomorrow night.  You're bumming me out."

But then while browsing online today... I think I was looking at bauble necklaces {I like this one, this one, and this one}... I came across a necklace that wasn't what I was looking for, and actually it wasn't very pretty, but it was the most gorgeous shade of yellow.  Yellow is one of my favorite spring colors, and immediately, I began to crave yellow.  All kinds of things in all shades of yellow.  And so, here is my wishlist of yellow things: my schizophrenic, head-fighting-heart, winter meets spring {seriously, leather gloves and sunglasses together?} wishlist of yellow things:

1.  Destined Nail Color, $2.99, Tilly's {link}
2.  Opacity Posts, $24, Anthropologie {link}
3.  French Connection Aviators, $48, Nordstrom {link}
4.  Silk tiered cami, on sale $29.99, J. Crew {link}
5.  Classic Leather Gloves, $39.95, Martin + Osa {link}
6.  In-A-Moment Dress, $118, Anthropologie {link}
7.  Lei Trim Tee, $36.50, Loft {link}

That dress from Anthropologie, the only item on my list over $50, is nonetheless still my favorite.  {Although if I were ever lucky enough to own it, I would probably wear it with this to make sure my legs were covered down to my knees.}  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite yellow item {either from my list or from elsewhere}?  Are you craving spring already, or are you still enjoying winter?


Angela said...

Mary, So glad I am not the only one that thinks spring when it's still winter. I live in southern california so I don't have a long winter here but I am always craving sun and warm. Thanks for everything yellow. I too really like the anthropologie dress. It's fun and cute and the color is great.

Madeline P said...

As soon as Christmas is over I am ready for spring. In Utah, it doesn't get real springy until May. But I start wearing yellow and floral peep toes in March anyway!

I think my favorites are that Anthro dress and that tiered cami from J.Crew. Oh and of course the ruffle neck too from the Loft. Man, the Loft has some fabulous tees right now!

Angela said...

I agree the Loft does have some really nice tops right now. I just got some flats from AE the other day. They are yellow.
I think I might also get them in red.

Mary said...

Angela -- those shoes are way cute! I love the bright colors.

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