Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looks for Less: Lace-Trim Cardigans

First of all, I want to apologize for my unannounced and impromptu blogging hiatus.  I have been sick.  Not major, you-need-to-be-worried-about-me sick, just normal I-have-a-cold-so-I'm-going-to-watch-TV-all-day sick.  I'm not entirely over it, but I'm tired of feeling pathetic and helpless, so I've decided that I'm resuming life as usual today.

Second, this is my second look for less!  And can I just say, looks for less are hard.  After reading Über-Chic for Cheap for a few months, I was surprised; Madeline always makes it look so easy.  But enough of my whining.  On to the look for less!

{links: Field Game Cardigan at Anthropologie, Parfait Stripe Lace Cardigan at Nordstrom, Nantucket Stripe Lace Cardigan at Bloomingdale's}

I first found the Parfait Stripe Lace Cardigan at Nordstrom and loved it.  {Anyone remember this Tweet?}  Then, while metaphorically strolling through the Anthropologie website, I found the Field Game Cardigan.  And I thought, "If this is such a popular look, maybe I can find it for less."  I did some searching, and this is what I found:

{links: Lavender Butterflies Lace Cardigan at Ruche, Frills to Pay the Bills Cardigan at ModCloth, Lush Lace Trim Cardigan at Nordstrom}

Cute v-neck cardigan?  Check.  Lace trim in a contrasting color?  Check.  Bold nautical stripes and brass button detail?  Well... actually, no.  Which is somewhat disappointing.  {I also dislike the lace trim on the pockets -- it looks a little mustachey to me.}

What do you think?  Do you like the less expensive cardigans?  Do you think they capture the feeling of the more expensive ones?  Would you buy one of the looks for less, or would you wait for one of the originals to go on sale?  Let me know -- leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

These are all cute! Adding your own lace to a cute stripe cardigan is cheap and easy too.

Mary said...

That would definitely be a great option! {I usually try not to do things myself, even though they would be less expensive, because I'm such a miserable seamstress.}

Here are some cardigans that I think would be great for a DIY:

Readers, let me know if this is a project that you would like to do/ know how to do -- I think it's such a good idea!

Elaine said...

I was thinking of what anonymous said! It would be just as cheap to DIY it. But I'm a horrible DIYer... I like the originals better but not enough to pay that much! :X

Madeline P said...

I think the thing keeping me from loving the 'for less' versions is the fit... they look less fitted. And I agree about the lace on the pockets.

I am all over the DIY idea, man I love a good do it yourself project! One thing to keep in mind is the price of lace. It can be expensive unless you have a 40% off coupon for JoAnn's when you go.

D. said...

How about this?

D. said...

This is similar too.

Mary said...

D. -- Those are great finds, too! I looked at those while putting together this look for less, but chose not to feature them for a few reasons {crew neck as opposed to v-neck, short sleeves, and shorter length}. I appreciate your input, though; if a lace-trimmed cardi is all that you want, I think those are great picks. Thanks!

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