Monday, January 11, 2010

Sale: 25% off Ann Taylor Clearance

Ann Taylor is offering 25% off all sale items!  Just enter coupon code EXTRA25 at checkout.  Here are four of my favorite things:

1. Perfect Bow Short Sleeve Sweater, $22.41 {link}
2. Mesh Necklace, $29.99 {link}
3. Merino Crew Neck Cardigan, $29.99 {link}
4. Silk Crepe Confection Top, $37.49 {link}

You may recognize #1 as the same sweater from this post.  It was originally $110, I found it when it was marked down to $49.99, and now it's $22.41.  Am I tempted?  Oh, yes.  So tempted.  Also, I feel like I should tell I get a lot of my sale info from The (Chloe) Conspiracy.  I love her Deal(s) of the Day posts -- they're an excellent resource.

What do you think?  What's your favorite sale item?  Do you think I should go for the sweater?  Leave a comment!


Angela said...

I really love number 1. I don't shop at Ann Taylor. To pricy for me but this is a great price. I have been buying a lot of grey, which I love. Is grey still "in". I want to buy this top but can't decide on what color.

Mary said...

It's *such* a great price, right? And, I love grey. I think it's such a romantic color, and I'd definitely say it's still in.

I might buy that sweater as well. I love both the grey and the white. Let me know what you decide!

Madeline P said...

That top is fantastic! I say if you have the funds, do it! I know you have been watching it for awhile. You might kick yourself if you don't.

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