Friday, January 29, 2010

Wishlist: Kate Spade!

If I had one million dollars that I could only spend on clothes...

{these are the kinds of fantasies that I like to play with in my head.  Not just "if I had one million dollars," because then it would go to things like paying off our student loans and buying a house and helping people in Haiti.  Not that I don't want to help people in Haiti; I do.  Text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.  But as long as I'm fantasizing, I want to be fantasizing about clothes, which is why I add the stipulation "that I could only spend on clothes."  I also have fun with "if I got a $5000 shopping spree at J. Crew" and "if everything at the mall was free}

... a lot of it would go to my dear seductive friends, J. Crew and Anthropologie.  However, I think the majority would end up funding another long-time temptation of mine, Kate Spade.  Oh, Kate Spade, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  I love the bright color palette {red is my all-time favorite color.  It's so lovely}, the bold stripes and sweet details, the knee-length dresses, the funky cute patterns, the retro charm and modern feel.  Basically, I love everything.  Hence the exclamation point in my post title -- I love Kate Spade that much.  And mostly I don't even allow myself to think about Kate Spade, because I'm afraid I'm going to lose it and accidentally buy something and be out $300.

Right now I can't stop looking at {and drooling over} these pieces:

From left to right:

Jet Setter Print Darla Dress, $355 {link}
Annapolis Agnes Sweater, $245 {link}
Connect Four Reina Dress, $395 {link}
Pass the Shades Cotton Scarf, $95 {link}
With a Twist Striped Rosette Tank, $175 {link}

What do you think?  Are you a Kate Spade fan?  Do you ever fantasize about buying everything you ever wanted, or do you keep your musings more realistic?  Do you agree that red is the most gorgeous color in the world, or do you have a different favorite?  Leave a comment!


Madeline P said...

That Connect 4 dress is amazing! And that Striped Rosette Tank! Oh My!

I am a Kate Spade fan, but don't often peruse her website for the reason you mentioned.

Red? gorgeous, yes. On me, questionable. I'm a little too scandanavian to pull of a straight red, but red in a pattern or accessory? All over it.

Angela said...

I have never really gotten into the super pricy designer clothes. They are just way out of my budget. I know they are beautiful clothes but I torture myself enough when I look at J.Crew or Anthro tops for $100. Although a couples of weekends ago I drove past the outlet stores by Palm Springs and there was a Kate Spade Outlet. I'm thinking I will have to go check it out. Just to LOOK for course.

J.Frey said...

I love that black and white dress! But, of course way out of the budget. But, we all can dream, right?

megara said...

Here's my thoughts: we always play that if you had $1000 dollars to just spend on clothes where would you go? As much as I love J. Crew and get inspiration from all their catalogs, I am always unlucky when I walk in the store. I love Anthropologie, but have felt buyers remorse too many times after walking out of that store.

As for Kate, I love her bags, I love her stationary, I'm sure I'd love her clothes. I'm not saying that I have any of those three though. A girl can dream.

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