Monday, January 4, 2010

Style Watch: Red Lips

 I have to say, I love Glee.  It didn't take one whole season, it didn't even take one whole episode, before Glee became my favorite show on TV.  My husband bought me the soundtrack for Christmas, and I think I could listen to Don't Stop Believin' on repeat for forever and not get tired of it.  Love, love, love that show.

And from a fashion perspective, one of my favorite characters is Quinn Fabray.  {Also Emma Pillsbury.  I want to own her closet.}  She has such a sweet style aesthetic, and her makeup is classic.

The neutral face with red lip has become one of my favorite looks.  I've seen it in this post from clothed much {doesn't Elaine look darling in red?}, and in J. Crew's holiday catalog, among others.  I like this look so much, in fact, that I've begun sporting it myself.  Observe, our 2009 family picture:

{Please understand that my husband was in the middle of Noshavember when this picture was taken -- he isn't usually this scruffy.  Also, I love how thin my arms look in this picture.}

What do you think?  Have you ever rocked the red lip?  Do you continue to wear red lipstick {and do you have a favorite brand that you'd like to share with us?}, or do you think it's just so 2009?  Leave a comment!


Angela said...

I like your blog redesign. Very cute. I can't rock the red lip. Not brave enough.

Madeline P said...

I have never liked what I look like in lipstick, so, no, I haven't rock the red lip. Although you look fabulous in red!

I didn't notice Quinn's style much until recently because for whatever reason those Cheerio's are ALWAYS in their cheer uniforms. She does have a sweet style sensibility. I will have to watch her more closely from now on.

Cindy said...

I adore Emma Pillsbury's closet. I WISH I owned her wardrobe... it's to die for. P.s. you have gorgeous lips so this look looks great on you. I have skinny lips so I don't think it looks so good on me.

Madeline P said...

PS- I love Emma's clothes. They are a bit prim, but the girl can rock a cardigan!

I would take every piece home and make it my very own!

Chels said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are adorable! I love rocking the red lip too. :) My favorite red lipstick is Lipstick Queen in Saint Red-- it's so sheer and light and it never bleeds. It's gorgeous.

Mary said...

Chels -- thanks for the suggestion! It sounds great! The red lipstick I have right now I think I bought for $3. It's definitely colorful, but if I don't tone it down with lots of sheer balm, then I look like I just colored on my face with a red crayon. Um, yikes.

Chels said...

Mary-- I know how you feel! I have a whole small makeup pouch filled with failed red lipsticks. Lipstick Queen is by far my favorite and the least crayon-y of the bunch! :)

(The redesign is adorable-- good job!)

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