Friday, January 8, 2010

Have You Heard...

... about Jessica Schroeder {of What I Wore fame}'s latest project?  Jessica is a huge advocate of thrifting and vintage shopping, and she's just introduced a new website called Vintage Where?.  You can read about the site more on her blog {click here}, but basically in time and with help, it will become a thorough country-wide database of the best vintage stores and thrift shops.  If you want to pitch in and help this amazing project reach its potential, you can submit stores in your area, and write reviews of places you've been.

Thrifting and shopping vintage makes sense for several reasons {it's inexpensive, and it's good for the environment, among others}, and a lot of my fashion heroes do it all the time, which is why I've made it a goal to go thrift shopping more often this year.  I have a few places picked out that I want to visit, and this article was helpful.  However, I would still appreciate any advice!  Where should I go?  What should I look for?  Is anyone else a big thrifter/vintage shopper?


Madeline P said...

I hadn't seen this, but it is genius! It makes me want to submit a million entries for Utah!

I only occasionally shop vintage, mostly because sometimes when you go, you leave empty handed, or you buy something that isn't great, because you want to leave with something. It takes more time than traditional shopping too, but the finds are just so much more interesting!

I would try googling your area and vintage and see if anyone has written reviews of places. Decide ahead of time what you are looking for, jewelry? a tweed skirt? pumps? it will help you hone in.

That's my advice anyway.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the positive review, Mary!


Elaine said...

Vintage shopping is too expensive for me so I stick with thrifting and going to secondhand stores. But I think this is a great idea! Hopefully vintage stores will lower their prices this way!!

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