Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sale: 30% off Martin + Osa Clearance

For a limited time, Martin + Osa is offering 30% off all Winter Sale items.  No coupon code is necessary; the discount is automatically applied at checkout.  M+O is a store that generally hovers above my price range, so getting a discount on items already on sale would definitely be the way to go.  Here are three things I would be glad to own:

1. Open Weave Print Silk Pocket Tee, $31.46 {link}
2. Peacoat, $90.96 {link}
3. Embroidered Shawl, $27.96 {link}

I think the tee is my favorite.  The subtle print is rad.

A quick note about things being rad:  When I was at BYU-I for one semester, first of all I was completely miserable and cold all the time.  But I had a roommate named Randi, and she was awesome.  We had so much fun together, making late-night runs at the laundromat, going to Horkley's, playing Phase 10 and watching Whose Line Is It Anyway.  When it was time for me to pack up and leave, I got the crazy idea for her to sign my navy comforter with a bleach pen so I could always remember her.  {Ummm.... It was late?  I was eighteen?}  But when she went to sign, she misspelled her name, and ended up writing "Rad Randi Blake," which I have called her forever after.  {Before then we always called each other Stu, short for Stu Pididiot}.  So when I call something rad, just know that I am honoring the best non-husband roommate I ever had, and that I really really mean that it's rad.

Back to normal stuff...  What do you think?  Are you up for a M+O sale?  See anything that you like?  {Do you have any awesome roommate stories you'd like to tell?}


Madeline P said...

That top is rad!

I don't really have roommate stories... well I do but no one would laugh but Jen (said roommate). But I do have something to say about the word rad. I have used it constantly since I was in Jr. High, and when I moved to Utah and was on the track team, all the sudden everyone noticed. Everytime I said it people would laugh like I was a foreigner or really old and saying something weird. But I stuck to it because I thought it described so many things. Eventually it spread to the rest of the team. :D When I was in college I made my own tee shirt that said 'rad' and wore it around campus like a badge of honor.

So, I am totally down with 'rad'.

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