Monday, February 8, 2010

Looking Forward to DownEast

I got my new DownEast Basics catalog in the mail today, and I'm excited about what they have in store for spring!  Here are some of my favorite items:

1.  Fancy Tee, $16.99 {link}
2.  Pearl Bib Necklace, $14.99
3.  Union Square Top, $19.99 {link}
4.  Silver & Black Jeweled Bib Necklace, $12.99
5.  Frosted Flowers Cardigan, $34.99 {link}
6.  Satin & Bead Necklace, $14.99
7.  Impressionist Skirt, $29.99 {link}
8.  Top Tier Skirt, $34.99 {link}
9.  Outside the Box Top, $24.99 {link}
10.  Chiffon Flower Necklace, $12.99

One reason I'm so excited for these new designs is that I feel like I've seen them before.  The Impressionist Skirt reminds me of this adorable pencil skirt from Kate Spade, the Fancy Tee looks like something straight out of J. Crew, and the Silver & Black Bib Necklace resembles almost exactly this one {that I blogged about here} from Max & Chloe.  I love the direction in which DownEast Basics is moving, and I'm going to scoop me up one of those Fancy Tees as soon as they get some in stock!

Which item from DownEast Basics is your favorite?  Are you {like me} waiting with bated breath for some items to become available?  If you could ask DownEast to make a more affordable or modest version of something, what would it be?  Leave a comment!

NOTE:  Not all of them items I've featured in this post have corresponding links because not all of them are posted on the website yet; I took the pictures, names and prices straight from the catalog.


Angela said...

I'm excited for the DEB new spring clothes too. I posted a look for less about a certain silk trimmed BR tee a few days ago.

Rachel said...

Their clothing is so pretty!!! Very anthro-esque without the high prices. What is the sizing like?

Madeline P said...

They have a few of these things in store (the pink frosted flowers cardi for one) so I hope they come online for you out of staters.

I am loving 2,5,7, and 8. I think Down East gets better with each season!

PS- did you get my email about sending me your info for the giveaway? I need size, color preference and address, so I can pass it on to shade and you can get a new skirt!

Mary said...

Angela -- I saw your post; that was a great look for less! I'm going to have to visit your blog more often...

Rachel -- You can check out their size chart here. Their clothes do tend to feel fitted, and I've heard from others that they can run small; however, I've always been able to order my regular size. I hope that helps!

Madeline -- I completely agree about DownEast getting better and better. I didn't get your e-mail, but I just sent one along to you. Let me know if you don't get it!

ashley said...

wow! i never heard about this store but they have some cute stuff at EXCELLENT prices! thanks for sharing this! :)

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