Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charlotte Russe Promo: $10 Flats

As part of their "Seven Days of Sweetheart Deals" Promo, going on this week, Charlotte Russe is lowering the price of all their flats to just $10!  You can see them all here.  This deal is good only for today, so act quickly!  Here are a few pairs for which I wouldn't mind making room on my shoe rack:

1.  Silk Bow Ballet Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
2.  Canvas Ribbon Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
3.  Tie Suede Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
4.  Rhinestone Suede Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
5.  Crinkled and Suede Ballet Flats, orig. $22.99 {link}
6.  Colorful Stitch Ballet Flats, orig. $26.99 {link}
7.  Wingtip Maryjane Flats, orig. $24.99 {link}
8.  Ribboned Patent Leather Flats, orig. $18.99 {link}

What do you think?  Will you take advantage of this promotion?  Are you excited to see what other deals Charlotte Russe has to offer this week?


Madeline P said...

I really like #4! I don't know if I dare order shoes online though.... Is the deal valid in stores?

Mary said...

Yes, it's available both online and in stores. I understand your nervousness; $10 would still be too much to pay for shoes that you never wear because they don't fit right.

Angela said...

Wow. I like #3. You do have to be careful with ordering shoes online especially flats. Some flats look great but they are more like slippers. No real support. For example the AE flats. They are all so cute but I can not wear there for more than 1 hour if I am doing a lot walking. #4,5 and 6 don't look like they have much of a sole to them.

megara said...

you serioulsy practically do my shopping for me. thank you and thank you. and also, thanks for your support with the whole "getting ready and trying not to be grumpy!"


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