Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day Outfit

Christian and I went to see the movie Valentine's Day about a week ago.  While I didn't think it deserved an F from Entertainment Weekly, it also wasn't nearly as good as Love Actually, which it was clearly trying to imitate.  {Side note: I heart Love Actually almost as much as I love watching edited movies.  It's my second-favorite movie of all time, and my second-favorite Christmas movie, and I just now realized that my two favorite movies are both Christmas movies.  Yikes.}  Mostly, I thought it was equal parts entertaining, amusing, and completely ridiculous.

One of the best elements of the movie was Jennifer Garner, who I think is just so gorgeous.  I love her dimples, I loved her hair {I'm now thinking about getting highlights of my own}, and I loved her character's personal style.  Between Julia Fitzpatrick {see pictures here} and Meg of Fresh Brownies, I am now finding myself in desperate need of a red cardigan.  And that brings me to the point of today's post, which is my re-creation of Julia's airport look.  I thought it was too cute:

Catrina Cardigan, on sale $29.50, Delia's {link}
Ditsy floral ruffle blouse, $42, Fred Flare {link}
Mossimo Black Large Hobo, $22.99, Target {link}
Lasting Finish Professional Nail Polish, $3.99, Ulta {link}
Delicate Initial Necklace, $18, Urban Outfitters {link}
Braided Wedges, $29.99, Charlotte Russe {link}
The Flirt Boot-Cut Jeans, on sale $19, Old Navy {link}

total: $165.47

What do you think?  Did you see Valentine's Day, too?  Thoughts on the movie?  What do you think of the outfit?  Do you think you can find a ruffly, button-up, floral-printed top for less?  {I dare you!}  Thanks for reading!


Madeline P said...

I didn't see Valentine's Day, but I LOVE love actually. Oh, it's just too fabulous.

I think a red cardigan is missing from my wardrobe too. I should remedy that.

And I love the floral ruffle top you chose! (And you are right not much to be found out there for less, I took you up on your dare and failed.)

Anonymous said...

This comment is forever late, but I just found your blog-- love it by the way! As far as a ruffly, floral print button down, have you seen this one at shade? I have it and I adore it! It's sold out right now, but who knows? Maybe they will get more in stock!

Mary said...

Anonymous -- Thanks! I hadn't seen that top at Shade; if it hadn't been sold out, I think it would have looked great in this outfit {maybe with a different cardigan?}. Thanks for sharing!

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