Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sale: 20% off J. Crew Clearance

J. Crew is currently offering 20% off all Final Sale items with coupon code EXTRA20.  Here are a few {okay, so more than a few -- I got a little carried away this time} of my favorite items on sale:

1.  Wool felt cloche, $15.99 {link}
2.  Toothpick ankle cord, $15.99 {link}
3.  Tulle blossom art tee, $19.99 {link}
4.  Silk lumiere cami, $23.99 {link}
5.  Solid opaque tights, $5.59 {link}
6.  Layered ruffle tank, $23.99 {link}
7.  Vintage matchstick cord, $23.99 {link}
8.  Satin limelight clutch, $23.99 {link}
9.  Petal-and-pearl necklace, $27.99 {link}
10.  Washed silk pocket tee, $31.99 {link}
11.  Merino basket-weave scarf, $15.99 {link}
12.  Silk streamers cami, $47.99 {link}
13.  Skinny patent-leather belt with square buckle, $11.99 {link}
14.  Tissue cascading pansy tank, $27.99 {link}
15.  Merino knit beret, $15.99 {link}
16.  Merino microstripe turtleneck sweater, $15.99 {link}

What do you think?  Is 20% enough of a discount to get you interested?  Which of these items is your favorite {or do you have another favorite item on sale I didn't include in this post}?  Leave a comment!


Madeline P said...

Oh that Petal & Pearl Necklace! I have seen it in store, and it's beautiful! I am also such a sucker for the floral graphic tees like #3.

I don't know if it's enough for me to pull the trigger. J.Crew's shipping is a wee bit expensive. If I could find these things in the B&M I would probably be more likely to buy.

Elaine said...

These are all so fabulous!! I really like the first hat but I'd never wear it! It would look horrible on my circle/square face.. I'm afraid I'm with Madeline on this one - J.Crew is too pricey for me to shop even with the 20%! Such a shame.. :(

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