Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishlist: Swimsuits Under $100

I know I shouldn't indulge my thoughts about summer weather and swimsuits right now.  For one thing, it's supposed to snow this afternoon {although, since the temperature was in the mid-60s two days ago, my best guess is that it won't even stick}, and thinking about warmer weather is almost torturous.  For another, as my husband will quickly tell you, I don't need any more swimsuits.  I have two cute ones in good condition {one one-piece and one tankini}, and I have an unflattering but practical back-up.  I'm covered.

But, as the title of this blog attests, I love to dream about clothing of all kinds.  {Besides, if you didn't stock up on swimsuits for this year when they were on sale last fall, now is definitely the time to do so -- you can still find some great ones on sale!}  And so, while I'm fantasizing of spending warm weeks at the beach getting freckled and tanned, I'm picturing myself wearing one of these swimsuits:

1.  Solid Underwire Halter Tank Swimsuit, $89.50, Land's End {link}
2.  Monroe halterneck swimsuit, $74, Fig Leaves {link}
3.  Merona Bandeau Shirred One Piece, $34.99, Target {link}
4.  Boyleg Swimsuit, $68, Boden {link}
5.  Solid Boy Short One-Piece, on sale $39.50, Delia's {link}
6.  Pindot underwire tank, $80, J. Crew {link}
7.  Luxe très bow tank, on sale $59.99, J. Crew {link}
8.  Juicy Couture Bandeau Swimsuit, $98, Bloomingdale's {link}

Also, a few tips on buying swimsuits:

1.  Know your body and how to flatter it.  For example, I love halter-neck suits because they show off my shoulders; I love sweetheart necklines because they emphasize my {rather small} chest.  And, I usually buy tanks in long torso sizes, because I have a disproportionately long torso.  If you're not sure what shape is most flattering on you, check out these posts from Cardigan Empire: for Hourglass, for Upper Figure, for Middle Figure, for Lower Figure, and for Linear Figure.  {Not sure what body type you have?  Start here.}

2.  Make sure a suit is also practical.  We all want a cute swimsuit, but you should confirm that it's fully lined, and that it has the support you need before purchasing.  Many suits are adorable {like this one from Anthropologie}, but would be more appropriate for a little girl than a woman; while smaller busts may be able to get away with only a shelf bra, padding and underwire is safest for {oh-so-lucky} larger-busted women.  If you're shopping online and a product description doesn't contain all the information you need, call the customer service number and ask.

3.  Invest wisely.  You may decide that you want a swimsuit of very high quality, one that will last you for many years to come.  If this is the case, buy a style that's classic; five years from now, you don't want to be wearing a swimsuit that was only fashionable for one or two seasons.  On the other hand, if you want an in-the-moment suit, go inexpensive.  That way, you don't pay a lot for something that won't last very long.

Well, what do you think?  What's your favorite style of swimsuit?  Are you dreaming about the beach {or lake?  Or pool?  Where do people in Utah go to sun themselves?} already?  Do you have any more advice for potential swimsuit buyers?


Madeline P said...

Number 5 has been on my list for over a year! (Also liking 1, 6 & 7) I love your picks. I struggle with buying swimsuits, because all the deals are online. And buying a swimsuit online is questionable.

Anyway. I love what you chose!

There is Lake Utah and Willard Bay for Water Skiing and such. Lots of people in Utah take a trip to Lake Powell (in the south end of the state) to get their sun. I go to Alaska and freeze my bum off instead (no swim suit required). {This in no way stops me from dreaming about the beach in SoCal}

chris said...

two things: mary, you meant get freckled and more freckled. do not use the "t" word referring to yourself ever. second. the atlantic ocean starts out in the spring up around 78 degrees. toward the end of the summerit is around 90 (still enough below body temp to feel cool). i think the high water temp in socal is about 65. that was for madeline p. madeline, bring your family and come see me in nc.

Rochelle said...

This is just what I needed! I did a search last night but didn't find anything but a bunch of bizzaro designer suits, and I was too tired to search for long. Also, LOST is getting better I think!

Mary said...

Mom -- I'm not going to discuss my tanning habits with you on my blog. Call me {but don't expect me to change my opinions about anything}.

Rochelle -- Yes, I did this with you in mind. I'm glad you found it helpful! I find LOST intriguing still, but I wish they would let us know more of what's going on...

Sarah @ Cable Car Couture said...

Wow, it's almost swimsuit season again! Love the halter swimsuit design. Can't wait for the warm weather to come!

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