Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking Some Time

Dear readers of Mary's Wishlist,

Blerg.  This is harder than I anticipated it would be, but we need to have a talk.  Frankly, I don't think we should see each other any more.  The time has come for me to put Mary's Wishlist on hiatus.  But it's not you, it's me.  I've been feeling very stressed in my life recently, and I think I just have too many requests on my time at the moment.  When I find myself in a messy house that contains an empty refrigerator, and I feel unable to fulfill most of my obligations, something needs to go.  And while I've loved discussing clothing wishes and fantasies with you for the past nine months, I hope you'll understand when I say that this blog is not my first priority.  {It certainly doesn't come before my husband, or my sanity.}  I think I need to take some time to just be on my own for a while.  But can we still be friends?  I don't intend on leaving the blogosphere entirely, and I have a deep affection for this modest affordable fashion-minded corner of the Internet.  I wish you all the best, and promise to let you know if I ever decide to starting posting again.



Meli22 said...

enjoy some mental sanity and I hope your life comes together better!

I will miss you but look forward to staying 'friends' lol.

Jo said...

will definitely miss your posts but taking time for yourself is MUCH more important!

J.Frey said...

I love your blog, but I totally understand! Good for you for taking time for the more important things!

Kristie said...

I will miss your post's, and hope that things come back together for you!

Catherine said...

Well I, for one, am outraged. What am I supposed to do at work? I really count on these posts to get me through! Who needs food when you can talk about fashion? I will be totally lost on the deals and thrills of the upcoming seasons. I've decided to go on a reading strike from your blog until you post again.

*To all other followers reading this comment, I am Mary's sister-in-law and am totally kidding. I love me some Mare Bear!!!

Madeline P said...

sniff sniff. I am going to miss your blog so much! In many ways I think of your blog as a companion to mine.

I, of course, am glad that you are taking time for yourself. And hope that in time you might be back.

with love, your internet friend,

Angela said...

Hope you come back soon. Your blog is a joy to read. You will be missed.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

will miss you! but at least you have your priorities straight! that is a good thing!
All the best~

Daniela said...

I'm bummed. I only recently found your blog but as a modest-minded dresser, have found it to be lovely, helpful, and a source of support when I can't find anything cute while shopping. Please come back soon.

ALi said...

That is too bad because I just found your blog, but I totally understand you have to do what's best for you.

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