Monday, April 5, 2010

Looks for Less: Madden Girl Kalinda Bootie

I've been drooling over these gorgeous shoes at J. Crew for the past two months.  I've fantasized about owning them and wearing them everywhere.  They would be my shoe best friends, and we would be so happy together.  I would wear them with cropped pants to show them off.  People would ask, "Where did you get such lovely shoes?"  And I would say, "They were gifted to me by my fairy godmother.  She has excellent taste in footwear."

However, I eventually snapped back to reality, because I actually don't have a discerning fairy godmother, and I certainly don't have $275 to spend on a single pair of shoes {as my husband will quickly tell you}.  I'm thinking now, though, that shoes with a similar feel would be an excellent addition to my wardrobe.  I found this pair at DSW, but I think they're a little too pricey:

Madden Girl Kalinda Bootie, on sale $49.95, DSW {link}
Ruffled Peep-Toe Platform Bootie, $29.50, Old Navy {link}

Thank goodness for Old Navy!  I plan on making a trip to my nearest store and securing a pair for myself in the very near future.


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

all hail old navy!! i love those shoes!

Madeline P said...

Good finds!

And good call on the J.Crew dress coming in pink. I actually missed that. haha. I updated it though. Thanks!

Curt n' Linds said...

I actually like the old navy shoes better than the J. Crew shoes! I've always wanted to get some similar to this style, but I don't because I have no idea what to wear them with!

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