Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jes' Request

I got an e-mail from Jes last week {sorry, Jes, it's taken me too long to get to your request; just know that I'm super-excited about it, because you're the first person to send me a request that I don't know in real life, and that's awesome for me}:
hi, mary
i'm just a random person in the midwest who wandered onto your blog one day. you have wonderful style and such a fresh and pleasing sense of blog. and i'm wondering if you can use your fashion brain to help me. i bought the textured gauze sundress from tulle and i adore it. link here.  my problem is, however, that i bought it in carrot. and, wow, the dress is carrot. i've worn it a couple times, but i just don't think i'm getting it right. can you think of any suggestions for styling this little carrot? i need it to be modest, so i've paired it with a few different cardigans and shrugs, but... everything i've tried just looks like i'm trying to camouflage the color instead of enjoy it. i would really appreciate any sort of help.  thanks!

Wow.  I've never had the courage to purchase anything so bright, so kudos for breaking out of your comfort zone!  My suggestion would be to pair your dress with soft neutrals like khaki, white, and warm browns.  I think gray and navy could also work in small doses, like as a shoe or accessory.  {Just please, to avoid Halloween associations, never wear your dress with black!}  Definitely let the dress take center stage, and choose pieces that compliment it.

I created two outfits that I think would work great with your dress {the first is inspired by this outfit featured on What I Wore; Jessica is rocking her neon yellow dress}:

Outfit A:
1.  Textured Gauze Sun Dress, on sale $26, Tulle {link}
2.  Totes Stick Umbrella, $12.99, Target {link}
3.  Twill Trench Coat, $39.80, Forever 21 {link}
4.  Solid opaque tights, on sale $9.99, J. Crew {link}
5.  Lily Suedette Shoetie, $24.80, Forever 21 {link}
total: $113.58

Outfit B:
1.  Textured Gauze Sun Dress, on sale $26, Tulle {link}
6.  Short Ruched Sleeve Cardigan, $18, Charlotte Russe {link}
7.  Orange U Glad it's Summer Nail Laquer, $7.50, Ulta {link}
8.  Zebra Skinny Belt, $24.50, The Limited {link}
9.  Mossimo Valonia Pump, $29.99, Target {link}
total: $105.99

Jes, I hope this helps!  What does everyone think?  Would you wear the outfits I put together?  Do you have any more suggestions for how Jes should style her dress?  I appreciate your comments!


Katy said...

I love it! I would love that dress, since I'm an Auburn fan and our colors are orange and blue!

Madeline P said...

Great suggestions! I especially love that zebra skinny belt.

As a random side note - have you read 'Hunger Games'? I am so engrossed in it (well, really the sequel right now). Just wondered.

Also, who's your favorite on ANTM? Because I think mine is Raina....

jes said...

thanks for the help, mary! i don't know why i never thought of blue. (duh.) i also stumbled across the sophia floral cardigan at forever21 and i think it's possible that ms. carrot dress and this cardigan are going to be best friends.

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