Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wishlist: J. Crew Pleated Galleria Dress

I found this dress while perusing J. Crew this morning, and I absolutely adore it. It's gorgeous, it's modest, and the description states that it "falls below the knee," which in Mary-size terms means that it hits right at the knee -- perfect. The reason it's marked as an item on my wishlist isn't the price tag this time, it's the color. At $188, this dress would be perfect as the little black dress I'm looking for. If only, if only J. Crew made this dress in black, I would buy it in a heartbeat! Half a heartbeat, even! Everything about it is perfect, except for the fact that it only comes in navy. Blerg. It is beautiful, though, isn't it?

Wool pleated galleria dress, $188 (link)

Since I was already wishing for things I couldn't have, I went ahead and created a ridiculously overpriced outfit, using accessories that are also from J. Crew:

1. Crystal lattice necklace, $325 (link)
2. Molly flannel platform peep toes, $225 (link)
3. Satin derby clutch, $59.50 (link)

total: $797.50 (yikes!)


chicibella ...this and thats... said...

I love that dress from jcrew. I think its on my wishlist as well :)

Catherine said...

I say go for it, Mary. This could always be your "go to" dress when you have events, anniversaries, or evenings out with your hubbie. Sometimes a splurge on something you love it worth it. Try this: if you're still thinking about the dress a week from now, you hafta get it.

Madeline P said...

Ooooh its fab! Who says it has to be a black dress. I am down with a little navy dress. Navy is a neutral that looks great in every season. I think I would prefer a navy dress to black (black is harsh with my light skin tone)... so keep thinking about it, I think it could totally be an option!

Madeline P said...

I saw this and thought of your quest.

chris said...

i think the main reason you like this dress is that the model looks like you.

Angela said...

This dress is gorgeous. P.S. I love your blog.

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