Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Skirt Outfit

I found this red denim skirt on sale at Victoria's Secret this morning, and fell in love with it. It measures 23" from the waist, which means that it's too short for me, but I thought I would create an outfit around it anyway. Let me know what you think!

1. Rose Cropped Cardigan, $19.80, Forever 21 (link)
2. Knit Trim Front Extended Tee, $15.99, Papaya (link)
3. Mossimo Kady Boots, $34.99, Target (link)
4. Bronze antique bracelet set, $8.99, Ruche (link)
5. Pleated denim skirt, on sale $16.99, Victoria's Secret (link)

total: $96.76


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! So cute!

Catherine said...

I think it's way cute. Love the layering piece!

chris said...

love the cardigan and bracelets, but especially the boots. i love boots. too bad you're freakishly tall.

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