Friday, September 4, 2009

The Big Flower Pin

I love the idea of a big flower pin as a vibrant fall accessory. It might seem a little counter intuitive, flowers for fall, but let's face it, multi-colored leaves can be a little cliche (they remind me of elementary school craft projects and embroidered denim vests... ugh). Flowers add a gorgeous pop of color -- I especially adore reds, corals and pinks for fall -- while adding femininity to an otherwise possibly menswear-heavy fall wardrobe. Pin one to your bag, in your hair, at your shoulder, or (my favorite) at your waist. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

1. Felted Flower Rose Brooch, $23, BigFrozenMelon @ Etsy (link)
2. Carmine Tulle Brooch, $16, MadameVu @ Etsy (link)
3. Peach Satin Brooch, $24, VieModerne @ Etsy (link)
4. Red loopy corsage, $20, seventyseventyone @ Etsy (link)
5. Ribbon flower pin, $15, inamaterialworld @ Etsy (link)
6. Kara flower pin, $6, AllyJoysFlowers @ Etsy (link)
7. Rose felted brooch, $28, jezek @ Etsy (link)
8. Felt Flower Brooch, $20, vaivanat @ Etsy (link)
9. Burgundy Pink Cactus Bloom, $21, vaivanat @ Etsy (link)
10. Velvet flower pin, $29.50, J. Crew (link)
11. Royal Poppy Flower Clip, $16, (link)
12. Full Bouquet Clip, $18, Anthropologie (link)


Madeline P said...

I love 3! It's unfortunately one of the most expensive, but I totally love it. And I am with you, flowers at the waist!

Catherine said...

I totally agree. I have a sleu of pins that I usually bring out in the fall (they might pop up in the other seaons too). They can be that final accessory (or only) when you want to prove that you've got fashion sense, but not want to go "all out." Go finds, Mare!

jezek said...

Lovely collection! Thank you!

chris said...

i think we could make one like #3 in whatever colors you like. so there.

chris said...

or #12

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