Monday, September 21, 2009

Catherine's Request

Last week my lovely sister-in-law Catherine wrote me an e-mail to tell me that she bought this dress recently, and she was wondering if I could help her accessorize it. Um, yes. Love to, yes. First of all, it's one awesome find of a dress. So flattering, such a great color, and such a steal. Second, I love taking one piece and showing how versatile it is. I put together four different looks, and even though each is labeled for a specific occasion, I think they're all very adaptable. Catherine said she didn't really have a budget in mind, so I let myself splurge a little bit (although all four looks came in under $200). Let me know what you think!

A romantic night out look:
1. Cropped Knit Cardigan, $13.80, Forever 21 (link)
2. Wrap shirt dress, on sale $17.99, Fashion Bug (link)
3. Clou Strand, $38, Anthropologie (link)
4. Dahlia bunches ring, $9.99, Ruche (link)
5. Xhilaration Sydney Mary Jane Pumps, $22.99, Target (link)
6. Merona Large Classic Clutch, $16.99, Target (link)

total: $119.76

A sunny church look:
1. Safari Jacket, on sale $24.99, Calvin Klein Jeans (link)
2. Wide-Eyed Daisy Ring, $7.99, ModCloth (link)
3. Windflower Necklace, $38, Anthropologie (link)
4. Merona Tote, $26.99, Target (link)
5. Wrap shirt dress, on sale $17.99, Fashion Bug (link)
6. Anna by Fabulaire, $24.99, Rack Room (link)

total: $140.95

A sassy work look (because Catherine's husband likes her sassy):
1. Doki Geki Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer, $48, Nordstrom (link)
2. Wrap shirt dress, on sale $17.99, Fashion Bug (link)
3. Circa 78 Knot Necklace, on sale $19.99, Urban Outfitters (link)
4. Herringbone hobo, on sale $34.99, Gap (link)
5. Mossimo Veanna Platform Pumps, $29.99, Target (link)
6. Brass paisley disc earrings, $6.99, Ruche (link)

total: $157.95

A fun lunch-with-friends look:
1. Petal Trim Cardigan, $26, Forever 21 (link)
2. Mossimo Black Hobo, $19.99, Target (link)
3. Mercury Headband, $38, Anthropologie (link)
4. Lora by Limelight, $29.99, Rack Room (link)
5. Wrap shirt dress, on sale $17.99, Fashion Bug (link)
6. Repurposed Fabric Necklace and Earring Set, $47, kangas @ Etsy (link)

total: $178.97


Madeline P said...

I really just love your aesthetic. It's fabulous. Fun cardigans and incredible shoes. You have a knack girl! I won't stop promoting your blog, because I think people should be reading it.

This post was lovely!

Anonymous said...

Totally love all the looks! Especially the first one, I've yet to see those adorable shoes at Target!

Catherine said...

Hurray! I didn't know you posted about this until now! I love all the looks. I think that the third one is my fav! It is WAY sassy!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I am excited to get started on purchasing items to complete this outfit. You are BESTEST Mary!!!

chris said...

i looked on the website to find a women's size in the dress because i liked it so much, but no luck. beautiful work, mare.

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