Monday, September 28, 2009

CK White Dress & Outfit

I found this dress today, and I have to say, I think it's the best. Even though it's on sale, it's still $89.99, but I think it's a great investment piece -- versatile and classic.

Here's how I would accessorize it:

1. Fine Gauge Cardigan, $10.50, Forever 21 (link)
2. Sweet Chestnut Necklace, $35, FashionTouch @ Etsy (link)
3. Women's Herringbone Tights, $5, Old Navy (link)
4. Belted Boots, $34.99, Charlotte Russe (link)
5. Calvin Klein Pleated Neck Belted Dress, $89.99, Smart Bargains (link)
6. Mini Bow Clutch, $8.49, Target (link)
7. Open Line Leaf Earrings, $2.80, Forever 21 (link)

total: $186.77


Madeline P said...

I saw this dress in black on Overstock, but it's INCREDIBLE in white. I love the outfit.

Those leaf earrings are so chic.

Catherine said...

I's a wardrobe staple. This is a perfect spring/summer...And now you just need the blue dress for fall/winter!!!

Jamie said...

I just happened upon your website and absolutely LOVE it!! I am the most unfashionably dressed gal around and am loving your ideas for outfits. Thanks much!

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