Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bomber Jacket Outfit

Dear readers,

I have something to admit. {No, I haven't broken my promise to myself and bought any new clothes. I'm staying true to my plan to wait until the New Year.} In a few different recent posts, I have done something that is not my favorite thing to do. I have posted about items that I admire, and then have briefly sketched {in words} what I would pair with them to create a stunning outfit... ...Without actually creating an outfit!!

This will not do, readers. What is my blog for, if not to showcase actual items? How can I just throw out phrases like "gathered skirt" and "tweed trench" without actually finding a tangible piece of clothing to support them? I sincerely apologize for this oversight, and promise to do better in the future. In fact, to prove my sincerity, I'm going to go back and right my wrongs. I'm going to create four outfits, one for each of the four items I so carelessly {and verbally} tossed into an imaginary outfit before.

I'll start with the Victoria's Secret Wool bomber jacket, from this post. {Unfortunately, the promotion that I was posting about has since ended, which means that the jacket is now more expensive. I hope all of us have learned a lesson about procrastination.}

Here's the outfit I've created:

1. Wool bomber jacket, on sale $89, Victoria's Secret (link)
2. A-Line Box Pleat Skirt, on sale $49.95, Martin + Osa (link)
3. Pleated Flutter-Sleeve Top, $24.50, Old Navy (link)
4. Coloured Over The Knee Socks, $6.80, Asos (link)
5. Merona Solid Wrap, $12.99, Target (link)
6. Basic Flat Boot, $29.50, Wet Seal (link)

total: $212.74
{Or $123.74 without the jacket, which would be a major investment piece.}

What do you think? Do you like the outfit? Would you ever wear knee socks with knee-high boots? And will you forgive me for my blog-wrongdoings? {I hope so.}

Your internet friend,


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