Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sale: 40% off Loft

Did I say that the previous post was my last of the week? Yes. But am I awake in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for my husband to come home from midnight bowling? Oh, yes. {Because I just can't go to sleep without my husband. We've only been married for 20 months, and so far, we've never spent a night apart. Love him...} Is the upside to my sleep deprivation the fact that I discovered a wonderful sale going on at Loft? Most definitely. And could I stand knowing about this sale, without sharing it with all of my wonderful readers? Not a chance.

Saturday only, online and in stores, take 40% off {yes, that's forty percent off} all regularly priced items. {!!} Just enter coupon code PRESENTS at checkout to receive the discount.

Here are the items I'm in love with*:

1. Beaded Hibiscus Graphic Tee, $20.70 (link)
2. Lei Trim Tee, $21.90 (link)
3. Drapey Flutter Sleeve Top, $26.70 (link)
4. Rosette Smocked Cotton/Silk Blouse, $32.70 (link)
5. Relaxed Turtleneck with Linking Details, $29.70 (link)
6. Anorak with Waist Tie, $47.70 (link)
7. Sweater Dress with Petal Trim, $47.70 (link)
8. Stretch Canvas Pants with Belt, $35.70 (link)
9. Silver Chain Ribbon Necklace, $23.70 (link)

I am totally adoring #7. I want that dress right now. I think it's awesome how they paired such a feminine sweater dress {with such a pretty petal detail!} with an edgy black ankle boot. And they're styling navy with black? I am all over that. I am all over the whole outfit. Basically, I want to take everything that model has on, and put it on myself. {Maybe we could trade? She could borrow the BYU-I hoodie and argyle socks I'm currently wearing?}

What do you guys think? Which items are your favorite? Are you going to take advantage of this wonderful sale {perhaps to give someone on your list the perfect Christmas present}? Leave a comment!

*But not literally. I'm not literally in love with any of these items. Literally, I'm only in love with my husband. And as with all of my sale posts, the prices I post reflect the price you would receive after applying the promotional code. They are not the prices currently posted on the Loft website.


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