Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wishlist: Christmas List Take Two

My husband recently asked me for more Christmas present ideas. He tried to buy me several things on the first list I gave him, which appeared to be in stock, only to later be informed that they were no longer available. {I'm actually not surprised -- a lot of the things on my Christmas wishlist were on sale before Black Friday, which is a recipe for wishlist disaster.} Poor Christian. I'm so sorry.

I did, however, enjoy putting together a new list. Here are a few of the things I chose this time around:

Essie nail polish, $8, J. Crew (link)
Pave Posts, $24, Anthropologie (link)
Luxe tux tissue tee, on sale $39.50, J. Crew (link)

Pretty, yes? I had a hard time deciding between the pearl and the grey posts -- both are so lovely. Is there anything you're desperately desiring for Christmas?


What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that's so funny, because i JUST added that same nailpolish to my cart on j. crew last night.

i want to hear if you get it--i am always on the hunt for the perfect whitish-pink nailpolish (aren't you??).

Mary said...

Always, always, always. The stuff I have now goes on so thin, and it always ends up looking like I have crusty gunk on my toenails -- most def not a good look for anyone.

For sure I'll let you know if I get it (I'm thinking if I don't get it for Christmas, I'll have to buy it for myself) and what I think. Thanks for the comment!

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