Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wishlist: Saltwater Dresses

I found Saltwater this morning, and I have to say that I think their look is adorable. Very fresh. It's on the expensive side, which means that I'm going to have to limit my purchases to investment pieces that I think I can't live without. Still, some of their dresses are incredibly tempting. Here's what they have to say about their clothing line:
We aim to bring a fresh approach to fashion and our clothes are all about beautiful colour, selected cloth, great design and close attention to detail. We try to make very special clothes which you’ll love to wear and love to keep.
What a great mission statement! Here are some of my favorites from their collection:

Brush Strokes Wool Crepe Dress
price: £98 (or about $159.90)

Velvet Gathered Dress
price: £110 (or about $179.48)

Wool Tulip Dress

price: £135 (or about $220.27)

What do you think? Do you think you'll ever buy something from Saltwater? Would you, if it was in the budget? Does the fact that it's a British clothing line make it more appealing to you? (I know it does for me.)

{As seen on AmandaBeth Online.}


Madeline P said...

I am absolutely drooling over these right now. There is no way I could ever afford such a thing. But a girl can dream.

Such beautiful finds!

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