Monday, October 19, 2009

Sale: J. Crew Embellished Tees

Until I have the know-how and sewing skills to make an awesome embellished tee myself, I'm going to have to stick to buying off the rack. I'm so glad these are on sale!

1. Tissue beaded necklace tee, on sale $19.99 (link)
2. Textured jersey ribboned collier tee, on sale $29.99 (link)
3. Slub cotton swirling flowers tee, on sale $19.99 (link)
4. Carnation cluster tee, on sale $29.99 (link)


Madeline P said...

I love the new layout!

I am a sucker for J.Crew embellished tees. I have undertaken the task of making my own once, and it wasn't easy. But, I love my shirt.

Great post.

Mary said...


I'm not sure about the layout yet... maybe it will grow on me.

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