Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wishlist: Flutter-sleeve Dress

Recently, my mantra when looking at clothes online has been: "Post, don't buy." I've already done all of my fall shopping, and now I'm cutting myself off. As tempting as new clothes are, I've decided that I'm going to be happy with what I have. (Happy, at least, until Christmas time.) No more online shopping for me right now. Thank goodness I have this blog! That's the reason I created this blog, after all -- to keep myself from buying every pretty thing I see. Sometimes it's just so hard... expect a plethora of wishlist posts as I continue to curb my shopping appetite.

Any advice from you, readers and fellow bloggers? How do you keep your shopping impulses in check?

And just to make it harder for all of us to stay within budget this month, I found this gorgeous dress at Banana Republic this morning. It looks like a perfect dress to wear to holiday parties, and it's marked down from $180 -- such a steal!

BR Monogram flutter-sleeve pleated dress, on sale $59.99,
Banana Republic (link)


Sarah said...

I wouldn't say that I am great about keeping my shopping impulses in check. Truth be told, I'm bad at it, but I am making an effort to do better. My solution: I started working part time at the Gap, where I'm getting a 50% discount there and Banana! Now I can shop, and only feel half guilty on most days! :) That dress is super cute, btw! It would be perfect for a holiday party!

Madeline P said...

My new rule is "don't buy anything without trying it on". So, online shopping is out. (For the time being.) And I am just not going shopping. Trying to stay busy with other things. (And I am one of those girls that goes shopping when I have a bit of time to spare, I just love clothes... I know you empathize). I am trying to use things I have in new combinations and get excited about that instead of brand spanking new things.

It's a work in progress! But it is hard when I write a fashion blog about clothes... haha. I can't avoid it completely (and frankly, I wouldn't want to.)

Beautiful dress! Though I don't know that it would suit my body.

sam said...
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sam said...

Nice article, First i thought that these kinda dresses will not suite me but then I ordered similar dress from an online site and i am glad that i ordered it. It was looking awesome on me :)


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