Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wishlist: Anthropologie Dress & Outfit

Have you ever been browsing through a collection of clothing, either online or in-store, and you saw something so gorgeous you literally felt your jaw drop?  Have you ever felt so shocked by your emotional reaction to a piece of clothing that you gasped out loud?  I have.  {I've even created a blog on which to post these items, so I wouldn't empty my bank account in order to possess them.}  It's not often that I have this reaction -- more likely I'll do a double-take, or just gaze longingly at something for a prolonged period of time.

This Anthropologie dress, however, got both the jaw-drop and the audible gasp.  It's just so gorgeous.  {I don't think I've mentioned it on this blog before, but red poppies are absolutely my favorite flower.  Stick them on anything and I'm guaranteed to love it.}  I created an outfit around it, just for fun:

1.  Homegrown Dress, $158, Anthropologie {link}
2.  Featherweight cotton long cardigan, $69.50, J. Crew {link}
3.  Braided Claudette necklace, $16, Fred Flare {link}
4.  Colin Stuart T-strap wedge, $29, Victoria's Secret {link}
5.  Fossil Latigo C-Buckle Belt, $28, Dillard's {link}

I think a boyfriend cardigan, with the sleeves scrunched up to the elbows, would look great with this dress.  Add in the shoes, though, and it becomes a little too Grandma's garden party.  I added an edgy necklace and menswear belt {which I would wear over the cardigan} to make it feel more modern.

What do you think?  Am I crazy for my intense reactions to clothing?  Are you a little afraid of me now?  What about the dress?  Breath-taking, isn't it?  And do you have any thoughts about the outfit -- is it something you would wear for spring?


Caitlin said...

You're not crazy at all! I had absolutely the same reaction to this dress yesterday:

I really love the floral trend for spring!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh it's gorgeous and i love the outfit you've put together around it.

Madeline P said...

That print is fantastic! The cut of the dress isn't my personal favorite (for hip reasons), but I really like the outfit you put together around it.

This is the poppy dress I have been drooling over: Vintage Poppy Erica Dress

How does one wear a strapless dress modestly? :D

Debye said...

I love the outfit you put together, there is just something about a great pattern on a just makes you grin!

Ashley said...

Love the outfit and the accessories!~

Carla said...

so i found a favorite modest dress of the season and figured i just had to share... it's pricey, but i might have to buy it. What do you think?

Mary said...

Carla -- I have been eying that dress for I don't even know how long. I love it. I love the print, I love the retro feel, I love all of it. And, if it's in your budget, I totally say to go for it!

inday_adin said...

Ii am loving this outfit! :)

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