Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Britt's Request for Christa

My friend Britt sent me this message {on behalf of our friend Christa} via Facebook yesterday:
Mary.  Christa has been looking for a denim pencil skirt for a while now, with no luck.  One that not only looks cute and stylish, actually is a pencil skirt, but is also long enough.  I thought maybe you could be able to save her ;) Not only is your blog awesome, but you and Christa both have the same amazing long legs, and a keen fashion sense.  So by any chance have you come across the perfect denim skirt recently?

The perfect denim skirt?  That's a pretty tall order, but I've done my best to compile a collection of skirts, in a variety of price ranges, that I think are adorable:

1.  Tailored denim pencil skirt, $69.50, J. Crew {link}
2.  Denim skirt, on sale $39.50, Victoria's Secret {link}
3.  Scalloped Sailor Skirt, $88, Anthropologie {link}
4.  Denim Skirt, $42.50, Shade {link}
5.  Denim Pencil Skirt, on sale $28.99, Old Navy {link}
6.  Merona Refined Denim Skirt, $24.99, Target {link}
7.  Merona Denim Skirt, $19.99, Target {link}
8.  Lauren by Ralph Lauren Stretch Denim Pencil, $59.50, Macy's {link}
9.  Chelsfield Stretch Denim Skirt, on sale $49.99, Ralph Lauren {link}

Still not what she's looking for?  Here are a few more links to try: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

I can completely understand if Christa is frustrated trying to find a skirt that's long enough for her.  I have the same problem all the time.  Even sites that specialize in modest clothing don't always provide skirts that hit my knees.  My best advice is to find a good skirt that fits well and has a good seam allowance at the hem, so that even if it's not long enough, a tailor can let it down.  {Tailors can also sew up slits to make a skirt more modest.}  If you're shopping online and the item description doesn't have all the information you need to make a good decision, e-mail the store's customer service department; they should be able to tell you anything you need to know.

Britt, I hope this helps!  I was lucky enough to receive my own denim pencil skirt as a hand-me-down from my sister; I actually dreamed last night that I went into my closet and I had two identical skirts, one for me to keep and one to give to Christa. :)


Madeline P said...

I would love a denim pencil skirt, but I have decided for my own personal aesthetic, it can't have a fly and button in the front, it makes it feel too casual.

I am loving 1, 6 & 9! (And 6 is actually at Target in my price range). You are amazing, Miss Mary!

Anonymous said...

You really are magical. These are great. Thanks!

Christa said...

Thanks Mary! I've contacted about half of these places already but you definitely added a lot I haven't seen yet.

Tip for any readers. To figure out the tall size at Old Navy you just add 2 inches to whatever the length is for the normal garment! Good to know.

I'm leaning towards the one at Victoria's Secret right now. I've just been waiting for Down East to reply to my email about their length.

You are the best!! Seriously!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

SOO excited to find your blog....modest fashion is right up my ally.
going to share with friends!

Christa said...

Update! I bought the skirt from Old Navy. #5. It's perfect. I did have to order it in tall. Love it! Best was during the friend's and family sale so I got it for 30% off. It was only like $22.

Tracy said...

I just got the skirt from Victorias secret today. The fit is great and the length just right. Thanks for all of your great fashion sense. Love your blog!!!!

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